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How to Buy Your Favorite Bar a Drink, During the Crisis

Updated: Apr 20, 2020 12:03
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The small businesses in your life, you know the kind of businesses you actually like?   The kind of business you go to when you’re feeling down, when you want to have a drink with your friends, when you want to eat something handmade and delicious?  The kind of joints who have owners that work behind the bar themselves, the kind of businesses that have actual character built over years of serving a certain neighborhood.

You don’t get that shit at a Starbucks.  You get that real shit at a Lucky 13, a Bottom of the Hill, an Emperor Norton’s, at a SPEC’S, and an EL RIO.

You get that at Delfina and Sycamore, and at The Ramp and on the Hi Dive.   You get the idea.

Now there’s a site that has links to all of their donation pages.  No bullshit, no frills, just links to the GOFUNDME pages your favorite bars, restaurants and small businesses that need help paying their staff, because they can’t work right now.

So buy them a beer, buy them a burger, buy them a fucking triple Jack and Coke, because they could really use a friend right now.  You want them to still be there when this COVID disaster is over right?

The creative professionals (working for free) who put this growing list of small businesses together are Cam Giblin and Celia Paysan (both art directors) and designer Kaitlyn Peterson.

Their new site where you can find the GO-FUNDME Pages of small businesses in San Francisco (and Chicago & Atlanta) is called JUST FOR FUNDS.

You can follow them on instagram @justforfunds.  And if they are missing the donation page from your favorite small business, let them know! It’s a growing list!  Hell, they just added a link to Broke-ass Stuart’s patreon, so they’ll take just about anyone!

Just for Funds SF

SF Bars

“While you’re stuck drinking at home, put that unused bar tab towards one of these fine establishments.”

Support a venue

SF Venues

For the foreseeable future, Netflix and Spotify are the closest you’ll get to a show.

So fork over those ticket savings and help keep our entertainment institutions afloat.

Support a shop
or a service

All non-essential businesses are closed until further notice; that means no haircuts, art walks, or shopping sprees.

So while you grow out that quarantine beard, put your unused $$$ towards some local shops and services.


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  1. Ali Aldridge
    April 20, 2020 at 7:22 am

    I love you for this article