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All the Best ‘May The 4th Be With You’ Livestreams And Other Rad Online Shows

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We may be frozen in carbonite quarantine, but Star Wars-themed May the 4th Be With You livestreams and online meetups have red teams standing by even though everyone’s far, far away. A whole bunch of your other favorite weekly events and parties are providing online streaming alternatives too, as are gobs of Bay Area artists creating awesome streaming content and putting on shows this weekend, we’ve listed a shit-ton of shut-in live internet events going off online.

Some of these are live events, others are archived and available on demand. All times listed are Pacific Time, but here are your best opportunities to log on and get off to forget your shelter-in-place blues.


Bawdy Storytelling’s Livestream (7 p.m.)

“Bawdy is experimenting with some next level livestreaming,” says Bawdy Storytelling host Dixie De La Tour, whose Bawdy Storytelling Livestream has ukelele muse Rachel Lark strumming tunes and the storytelling stylings of Sunny Megatron, Kent Whipple, Mel Moseley, and Andy Miles. [$10 – $69.69, Tickets Here]

Misfit Cabaret Presents: Quarantine #3 (8 p.m.)

Misfit Cabaret’s firecracker songstress Kat Robichaud takes you on a “behind the scenes journey that goes into making every Misfit Cabaret special” and replays “some of our favorite moments from past Misfit Cabarets” with Jillian Gnarling, Suppositori Spelling, Carnie Asada, Eliza Rickman, and Fou Fou Ha! in a livestream so kick-ass that you will surely be compelled to donate generously to her Patreon page[Kat Robichaud on Facebook

Bitch Slap on Oasis TV (7 p.m. and On Demand After)

“San Francisco’s most scandalous night-time soap” Bitch Slap features “Adultery, blackmail, confessions, amnesia, nervous breakdowns, bigamy, adoptions, divorce, evil twins, seduction, catfights & shoulder pads!” Proceeds go to the “Save an Aging Super Model Foundation” and to the Oasis, and you may want to catch up on Episode 1 before Saturday night’s screening of Episode 2. [Oasis TV on YouTube

Mayday! Mayday! Save the Circus Benefit! (7 p.m.)

The Vau de Vire Society, Tourettes Without Regrets, Jazz Mafia and plenty more team up to deliver “20 thematic environments showcasing 60+ performers/artists including a who’s-who of global Circus phenoms, subversive Sideshow, Live Musical acts, side-splitting Comedy, hosted Gameshows, live-painting Galleries, bootylicious Burlesque, DJ Dance Parties and the most talented vixens and studs on Earth.” There are also deluxe dinner deals delivered, so check out the Facebook invite for deets on that. [$20-$50, Tickets Here]

Bearracuda SF: Virtual Butt Contest & Dance Party! (9 p.m.)

The Bearracuda SF: Virtual Butt Contest & Dance Party has hot go-go boys, a 10pm Butt Contest hosted by CHRISTEENE & Matt Bearracuda, and DJs Mateo Segade & Matt Stands. [Bearracuda SF on Zoom]

Space Cowboys Unison: 1 Party, 2 Days, 3 Stages, 4 Crews (2 p.m.) 

Saturday’s Space Cowboys dance party is a three-channel DJ simulcast where you can dance your ass off and support Domestic Workers Alliance COVID-19 Relief. [Space Cowboys of Facebook] 

Bootie Mashup Party-In-Place Webcast (10pm-1am)

On the DNA Lounge website, “Bootie Mashup is still happening every Saturday night! Mashups for your lockdown!” [DNA Lounge] 

Remember, DNA Pizza is still open for delivery, plus they deliver alcohol, including their house brand of handcrafted, small-batch DNA Lounge vodka, rum and gin! You can also help support the DNA Lounge Patreon or the DNA Lounge donation page.


Holotta’s UnBoyLievable Quarantine Show (7 p.m.)

Fabulous East Bay drag queens brings her ladies The Quarantinas (Vicodonia Nightengale and Charity Kase) for a knockout show featuring the drink special “what ever you got in your fridge girl.” [Holotta on Faceebook Live]

Coffee, Cat, & Mashups 

DJ Lobsterdust spins a live Sunday afternoon set. [Bootie Mashup on Twitch]


Stupid fucking Disney+ is streaming all nine Star Wars movies, but if you’d rather be part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor, these fan livestreams will take you away.

Scum & Villainy’s 24 Hour Livestream (All Day)

There is an actual Scum & Villainy Cantina in Hollywood that Disney somehow hasn’t sued yet, and they’re doing a midnight-to-midnight May the 4th livestream with visits from Kevin Smith, Leonard Maltin, Cory Doctorow and more, plus some killer Star Wars-based fan films. [Scum & Villainy’s Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter

An Online Revelry: May the 4th Be With You and Revenge of the 5th (All Day)

Several Comic Con organizations are joining ‘forces’ for a full two-day live-tweeting of the movies and several interviews with voice actors from the animated series. [Emerald City Comic Con

May The 4th Be With You Trivia (5:30 p.m.)

Elephino Pants-less Trivia, which is definitely based somewhere else, lets households play against each other as teams in a 90-miunite Star Wars trivia battle royale. [$10, Elephino Trivia]

Patty from HR Live Weekly All-Hands Meeting (5 p.m.)

Drag nag Patty from HR is having your Q2 Progress Report” “It’s the end of Q2 & you know what that means… PERFORMANCE EVALS!!! Will you get a raise or a PIP? [SF Oasis on Facebook]

Death Guild Live from DNA Lounge (9:30 pm)

Death Guild is doing a video webcast-only DJ set every Monday night at their usual time of 9:30 pm at You can also catch the previous Death Guild, plus the club’s last two weeks’ worth of events via the DNA Lounge audio streaming archives. []

Remember, DNA Pizza is still open for delivery, plus they deliver alcohol, including their house brand of handcrafted, small-batch DNA Lounge vodka, rum and gin! You can also help support the DNA Lounge Patreon or the DNA Lounge donation page.

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