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Fugly Pedestrian Bridge At Geary & Steiner Successfully Demolished

Updated: May 28, 2020 11:02
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Look at that beautiful blue sky over the corner of Geary and Steiner streets, a sight that has not been visible in that spot since 1962. We told you last week that they were tearing down the concrete pedestrian bridge at that intersection that has served as a uniquely terrible eyesore for nearly 60 years. And on Monday, we went out to make sure that ugly fucker was indeed gone.  

It’s gone, alright! Now you can see the resplendent sights of the Westerfeld House, Sutro Tower, and lots of other beautiful things that had been obscured by that brutalist, awful overpass.

Oh it’s a Ped Crossing now, motherfucker. There are many more finishing touches to be applied before this corner looks like the renderings we showed you last week, but this is now a totally safe intersection to cross on foot, especially because there are relatively few cars out these days.

There are still a few slabs and structures remaining in the area, but the overpass itself is indeed gone. They say the crews started Friday and worked through the weekend, which we cannot verify, but the job is now more or less done.

These images do not capture the amount of dust that’s flying around this still-somewhat-active destruction project. So if you do go out to enjoy the new monstrosity-free view here, make sure you wear the face mask that you should be wearing anyway

Can a view be prettier if the bizarrely designed Salesforce Tower is now part of the scenery? We’ll leave that to future generations and loudmouths in the Comments section to debate. But for now, the era of that ugly Geray Street overpass has now passed. 

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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