Trump Rally Attendees Have to Look at Anti-Trump Billboards in Oklahoma

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Photo Ford Fischer, Tulsa Oaklahoma

Someone bought up the billboards on the way to the Trump Rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, and they are amazing.

The billboards are trolling Trump supporters who are driving to see him speak at the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa this Saturday.  There are expected to be a hundred of thousand people showing up to Trump’s first rally since the coronavirus crisis shut down public gatherings.  Despite covid cases going up in Oklahoma, and city officials asking the president not to have a 20k person crowd indoors, Trump wants to continue to campaign by throwing rallies in stadiums as often as possible, as well as selling tickets to ‘Virtual Rallies‘.

The billboards simply remind people of the risk and the responsibility of their actions, while they wait to see their dear leader.

The billboards are sponsored by different anti-Trump political action organizations like &  The ‘Trump Death Clock’ (created by Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki) is by far my favorite piece of protest art.  Not only is it an active ticking death toll due to America’s incompetent leadership during the pandemic, the video’s site also offers a’Bring a Trump Death Clock to Your Community’ option, meaning if you or your children want their very own giant death clock displaying the number dead Americans (horrifying) in their church, school or town square, just sign up here!

A Trump rally this weekend is not just thumbing its nose at the covid pandemic, it is going to be in direct contradiction to the BLM movement continueing to happen on the streets.

An obvious message to Trump rally attendees is ‘Black Lives Matter’.  Especially since it is Juneteenth weekend, a culmination of African American lead demonstrations and celebrations that highlight the end of slavery in America.


I doubt Trump will have anything to say at his rally about BLM or Juneteenth that isn’t overtly racist and condescending

Juneteenth: On June 19, 1865, Union general Gordon Granger read federal orders that officially ended slavery in the United States. Although the Emancipation Proclamation had occurred two and half years before, and the Civil War had ended in April, these federal orders acted to free the last remaining slaves in this country. Ever since then, Juneteenth (a combination of the words “June” and “nineteenth”) has been celebrated by African-Americans throughout the US.

There is not a public health director in the country who will support any kind of indoor, mass gathering, of unmasked mouth-breathers during a pandemic.  Although the BLM protests are outdoors, masked, and necessary, they do present a massive risk to spreading the covid 19 as well.

But at least one cause is on the right side of history, and at least the the Trump Tulsa supporters will be reminded of that this weekend.  #BLM

Shout out to @FordFischer for posting these billboards on twitter!  Follow him for more Tulsa Rally news this weekend!

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