Fox News Pushed Coronavirus Misinformation 253x Between July 6-10

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In a new report by Media Matters, they list the 263 times that fox anchors and guests peddled misinformation concerning coronavirus.  Media Matters is an organization obsessed with documenting the misinformation spotted on Fox News each night,
“Laura Ingraham is Top Coronavirus Misinformer, Fox’s The Ingraham Angle is Responsible for 25% of the Network’s Coronavirus Disinformation” 

Media Matters wrote: “In a mere five days, the network managed to misinform about the science of the virus 115 times. These include claims about specific coronavirus data, such as arguing that increased testing explains the rising positivity rate (it doesn’t), suggesting that the mortality rate is the most or only important statistic (it isn’t), and dismissing the recent rise in new cases. Fox pushed these and other misinformation about coronavirus data 40 times.”

  • Nearly half of Fox’s coronavirus misinformation was about the science of coronavirus and health recommendations from experts (115 instances).
  • Fox politicized recommended public health measures, such as face masks usage and business closures, 63 times.
  • Fox emphasized the economy and reopening schools 46 times despite public health concerns.
  • Fox’s The Ingraham Angle was responsible for a quarter of all coronavirus misinformation on the network.
  • Fox’s “straight news” shows accounted for more than one-third of all coronavirus misinformation

Also included in that category are claims dismissing the effectiveness of public health measures like stay-at-home orders, wearing masks, social distancing, contact tracing, testing, and business closures (made 18 times); claims downplaying the severity of the virus (13 times); claims eroding trust in public health experts (15 times); and claims promoting or defending unproven COVID-19 treatments like hydroxychloroquine (18 times).

To see video of Fox reporting these garbage, and see the whole report visit media matter here

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