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Upcoming Bay Area Protests For Breonna and More

Updated: Oct 27, 2020 09:51
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Woman holds sign in protest against killing of Breonna Taylor. (Photo by Rasande Tyskar)

Despite the upcoming heat and hazy conditions predicted in the Bay Area this weekend, expect the people to come out and voice their opinions in protest.  This week there have already been many protests across the nation against the Kentucky Verdict.  Although many of these protests do not have the name Breonna in them yet, they certainly will by this weekend.


If you plan to attend protests, Know your rights as a protester, and remember to wear a mask.

Upcoming Bay Area Protests

Thursday – September 24

Today at 11am #OaklandProtest #StopKillingBlackWomenandGirls #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #JusticeforKaylaMoore Black women in Oakland to gather at the Breonna Taylor mural 15th & Broadway.


9/24 – 5pm ‘organizing now’:
Bay Bridge Golden Gate Bridge Dumbarton Bridge
“Come out and support the protest on the bridge ! Our voices will be heard”

Here is an actively updated list via SF.Funcheap:

FRIDAY – September 25

SATURDAY – September 26

SUNDAY – September 27

WEDNESDAY – September 30

SATURDAY – October 3

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