Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony Still Webcasting on Thanksgiving Day

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Image: Golden Gate NRA, Park Archives, Alcatraz Indian Occupation Slides, circa 1970

The Alcatraz Island  ‘Conscious Thanksgiving Day’ sunrise ceremony is still on for 2020, but it’s online only. The 6 a.m. ceremony to honor the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas will be broadcast live on the “Vigilant as Always” KPFA, in an audio broadcast that you can stream from their website or listen at 94.1 FM from 6 a.m.-8 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 26.

“The Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony held on Alcatraz Island to honor the Indigenous People’s of America since 1975,” KPFA says in a statement. “Please tune in to the broadcast to hear prayers for healing and offerings of collective thanks for 528 years of survival and resistance to colonization including other pandemics native Nations have survived in the past.”

The ceremony marks the anniversary of the Alcatraz-Red Power Movement occupying Alcatraz Island for 19 months, beginning in November 1969.

You can tune in to KPFA from 6 a.m.-8 a.m. Thursday morning to stream the ceremony. On your radio dial, it’s KPFA 94.1FM in the Bay Area and KPFB 89.3FM in Berkeley.

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