Mayor Breed Announces Outdoor Dining Can Return, Salons Can Reopen Thursday

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On the heels of Monday morning’s announcement that California has lifted its stay-at-home orders, Mayor London Breed just announced Monday afternoon that outdoor dining can resume on Thursday, January 28. She also added that hair salons and nail salons can also resume indoor business Thursday, as long as mask and distancing requirements are honored.

“This will start on Thursday” January 28, Breed said in the address above. “Outdoor dining can resume. Personal services can resume, as long as you can wear masks. You can get your hair done, you can get your nails done.”

Museums, zoos, and outdoor entertainment can also resume at limited capacities. Grocery stores, retail stores, and indoor fitness facilities can also increase their capacities starting Thursday.

San Francisco had been running out of hospital beds to care for COVID-19 patients, but our ICU bed capacity has rebounded to 23% after dipping to a scary-low 6.5%. “Because we acted quickly, and because you followed the healthcare orders that were provided by the Department of Public Health,” Breed said, “because we did that in San Francisco, we are in a better place.”

“Keep in mind, this is not just an open door for us to all of a sudden let out hair down and do whatever we want to do,” she continued. “Let’s keep doing what we’re doing. Let’s keep being smart about wearing our masks and who we interact with. Let’s limit the number of people we interact with so we make sure we don’t see another surge.”

“There is still work to be done. It still means that we have to wear masks and we have to socially distance ourselves from one another. We have to just use common sense, and continue to just accept that we are going to be living with this for some time.”

The full set of revised guidelines that take effect Thursday is available online at

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