Girl Scout Cookie Season Extended Through End of March 2021

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Image: Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

Girl Scout Cookie season was supposed to end on Saturday, March 14, 2021. But has learned that the the Girls Scouts of Northern California has quietly extended the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie season, and Girl Scout Cookies will now be sold until Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

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The Girl Scouts of Northern California’s preferred pandemic-era cookie-buying website is the platform they would rather you use to buy your cookies, as there are no in-person sales at BART stations or Safeways this year. That site still says that “cookie season ends March 14.” But the Broke-Ass Cookie I-Team has obtained an email to parents from the Girl Scouts of Northern California saying that they’re extending the season through March 31, 2021.

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 “We are adapting our in-person guidance PLUS extending the program through March 31, 2021,” says an email from last week from the Girl Scouts on Northen California. “Our goal is to support girls who cannot imagine a cookie program without the in-person component and allow lower-profile order pickup sites hosted by individual households in locations that work best for families. We are not promoting sites at large grocers and retail chains at this time.”

“The extension of the program to 3/31 allows additional time to coordinate sites and avoids undue stress of trying to make plans for in-person sites in a short timeframe,” the email adds. The the Girl Scouts of Northern California has confirmed to that they have indeed extended the cookie deadline.

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Cookie delivery and fulfillment is still going to happen at the discretion of whichever Girl Scout vendor you are matched with via With the Girl Scouts encouraging online sales, one parent took the opportunity to help his daughter set up her own website where she can take and manage orders at

“With the limitations and difficulties selling the traditional way, and the obvious and justified health concerns, understandably many girls (and parents) opted not to sell this year,” that parent tells “All these factors and limitations on potential customers being out and about means that Girl Scout cookies are simply more challenging to sell and to buy this year.  But the girls who are selling are trying to adapt, and hopefully the sales extension will help.”

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There is also a program where GrubHub is allowing you to order Girl Scout Cookies online this year (and they claim they’re not taking a cut of the sales). But there are only two announced dates remaining in that program, Sunday, March 7 and Sunday, March 14.

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Many Girl Scout regional chapters also extended the deadline last year, so this move is not entirely surprising. But it’s been a really rough year for Girl Scout Cookie sales, so take advantage of the extended deadline and stock up on Girl Scout Cookies of every variety this year!


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