‘Female Drag Performer’ Trixxie Carr Bursts Purse-First With New Album

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‘XX IE NO Y,’ Image: Jose A. Guzman Colon

You’ve probably seen Trixxie Carr — “one of the first female drag performers in the world” — perform live many times before, but you may not even know it. A frequent collaborator with local drag royalty like Peaches Christ, Heklina, and Honey Mahogany, Trixxie Carr also turned up in Taylor Mac’s  The Lily’s Revenge and The Go-Go’s Jane Weidlin’s Lady Robotika. Her new album XX IE NO Y just dropped, and as she tells it, features “lots of arpeggiators meeting dreamy guitars, cut up beats, waves of reverb, a fairly ‘unstylized’ vocal – you know, everything you won’t hear on the radio these days.”

You can catch bits of the album XX IE NO Y (an explanation of how to spell her first name) in this weekend’s big livestream shows, the Save the Oasis Telethon and Faux Ever Young- Fauxnique’s Birthday Show!, and the full album is on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

“This is a really strange time to be putting out new music,” Carr tells “I’m not ‘represented’ or part of that modern money making music machine, so radio and TV aren’t options, but I do find my own ways to reach out. I have been on Twitch weekly as well as getting drag shows online to play my original music, which is great when it happens.  I’m kind of creating my own MTV moments, as I have created most things in my artistic career.”

She also emcees the annual Mendocino Pride, which, yes, they have one! “Mendocino County’s Pride celebrations were super fun and uplifting,” she tells us. “We were a smaller group than SF for sure, but the parade did take over one side of the street (lots of supportive honks were heard!) and a ton of young folks, families and the community in Ukiah and surrounding areas showed up to participate and support. If not for the pandemic I would have loved to have been there again this year.” 

During the pandemic, Trixxie Carr livestreams on Twitch every Sunday at 9:30pm, and her more videos from her album are up on and her Instagram page. “Just remember there are TWO xx’s in my name, everybody!,” she says. 

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