The Boycott Amazon Movement Is Underway This Week, To Support The Amazon Union

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Image: Ucomm blog

Some Amazon workers are trying to unionize right now, and as such, their union organizing effort is asking us to boycott Amazon for the week of March 7-13. That means no buying stuff on Amazon, plus they’re also asking you don’t stream anything on Amazon Prime, don’t order from Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods, and to not use Audible, Twitch,  or your Echo, Alexa, or Ring doorbell if you have those stupid things. 

If you can’t imagine how to live without Amazon, check out our guide to ways to replace ot boycott Amazon in your life.

The #BoycottAmazon movement is born from an Amazon unionization effort at a Bessemer, Alabama facility that is currently voting on whether to unionize and join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). It is not a whole Amazon workforce effort, it’s just the one facility in Alabama, but Amazon workers across the country could join in if this unionization effort succeeds.

According to the pro-union website UComm Blog, one of the the main drivers of the Boycott Amazon effort, “To support Amazon workers and let the company know that we do not approve of their union-busting tactics, a one-week boycott of the company has been planned. From Sunday, March 7th to Saturday, March 13th, everyone is being asked to not use Amazon or Amazon Prime and do not stream videos using the Amazon Prime video service.”

Amazon is of course completely against the unionization effort. The Verge reports that Amazon has gone so far as to change the timing of the traffic lights so that pro-union workers could not successfully canvass workers who were stopped at the traffic light.

The boycott was technically not called by the union, according to Mashable, it’s more of a consumer effort. But Amazon employees are working under terrible conditions, and have extremely high injury rates, so buying nothin on Amazon this week is a great way to show your solidarity with the unionizing Amazon workers.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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