These Artists Are Creating Giant, Amazing Sand Mandalas at Ocean Beach

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Elemental Team Arts via Instagram

Anyone strolling past Ocean Beach got a pretty amazing sight on Sunday. A group of ”sand artists” known as Elemental Team Arts was out doing their monthly dazzling decorative sand project. Sunday’s mandala is seen below, and you can even join them when they do their April session.

Elemental Team Arts via Instagram

“We come together and we tap into our creativity and create large-scale beach art together,” Elemental Team Arts co-organizer Kelsi Anderson told KGO. “The focus really is on connecting to our intuition and having spontaneous creative flow and everything is temporary,” she said.

Elemental Team Arts via Instagram

The magic happens on the ground level with that month’s team using rakes to form large-scale art in the sand. 

Elemental Team Arts via Instagram

You can check out their previous sand arts mandalas at the Elemental Team Arts Instagram page. Their outdoor beach sessions are available for you to join, and conducted in socially distanced, safe fashion that is consistent with the COVID-19 public health guidelines. Only 15 participants are allowed in each session, and are required to wear masks and remain six feet apart.

Elemental Team Arts via Instagram

The next Earthscape Beach Art Experience is Sunday, April 25, 2:30-5:50 p.m. Tickets are sliding scale, $50-100, and are available here.


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