The ‘Police Attempting Capture Large Toad’ Alert Was Real, Toad Now In Custody

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Screenshot: Citizen app

If you’re on the app Citizen — or a website like Twitter or Reddit where everyone makes fun of posts on the app Citizen — then you may have seen an alert from Tuesday morning entitled Police Attempting Capture Large Toad. People, that situation actually did happen Tuesday morning.

Mr. Toad’s wild ride occurred Tuesday morning at around 11 a.m. A message posted to the Citizen app declared “Police officers are in the area attempting to contain a large toad that is in the middle of the road.”

The SFPD Southern Station posted video of the toad’s daring escape attempt, seen above. The toad is able to complete several hops through the officer’s hand before eventually being bagged.

“Some slightly more exotic animals in the city isn’t uncommon, but this is the first toad I’ve heard of,” SFPD public information officer Adam Lobsinger told SFGate.

The toad is now under the watchful eye of SF Animal Care & Control.



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