Drug-Snorting Passenger With No Shoes Derails Sunday Flight To SFO

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Sundays are generally relaxed, hangover days. But the party was apparently still going for one passenger on a JetBlue JFK-SFO flight this past Sunday, as KGO reports that flight was diverted because of a drug-snorting passenger without a mask or shoes, who was also verbally abusive to other passengers, groped at least one woman, and “started yelling that he wanted a white Porsche.”    

One JetBlue passenger on the flight, which did not make it to SFO, took the very amusing video below of the staff announcement after the flight was diverted to Minneapolis.

“After several ‘Put on your mask, put on your mask, put on your mask’ bathroom trips, he started antagonizing other passengers,”a JetBlue employee tells passengers. “He had the knife-gesturing, stabbing motions toward the other passengers, and we also observed erratic behavior and snorting a white substance,” at which point the passengers exploded in gasps and laughter.

“Now you’re talkin’!,” one passenger could be heard saying. 

Some of the other misbehaviors were less amusing. According to KGO, “Witnesses say that passenger had a bag full of that white substance, touched at least one other woman, made inappropriate comments to numerous female passengers, yelled racist slurs towards passengers upon boarding, and refused to wear a mask.”

“He kept walking back and forth to the bathroom, he had no shoes on, and he smelled awful,” passenger Delaney Washington told KGO.

“When he got to his seat he started yelling that he wanted a white Porsche,” added passenger Bob McKanzie. “I don’t know who he was talking to but that’s what he was saying.”

We should point out that powdered drugs laced with fentanyl have been killing people around the Bay Area and nationwide, and as this story illustrates, we should be very careful if tiptoeing back into the hard drug use scene. And we’ll add that your should always carry Narcan to prevent overdoses, even if you’re getting on a flight from New York to San Francisco.  


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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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