Scenes From The McDonald’s Strike Across The Bay Area, And The Whole Nation

Updated: May 20, 2021 09:18
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Image: @seiu1021 via Twitter

McDonald’s workers went on strike Wednesday in 15 cities across the U.S., in a direct action coordinated by Fight for $15 movement that hopes to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. Low pay is the main reason that thousands of McDonald’s workers blew off work to demonstrate today, but they’re also furious over a rash of sexual harassment allegations brought forward by women who work as McDonald’s crew that was recently uncovered by CBS News.  

Here in San Francisco, workers rallied at the McDonald’s at Market and Second Streets, and District 6 supervisor Matt Haney spoke in support of the strike. “Fast food workers are among the lowest paid workers in California, with the least benefits and the fewest protections,” Haney said in a subsequent tweet to the one above. “We stand with them and their fight for economic justice.”

One McDonald’s in Oakland was reportedly shut down by the strikers’ demonstrations. “They shut down the location on International for about two hours today,” Oakland photographer Rene Morrison said above.

The McDonald’s strike was also in effect in Los Angeles. “Instead of building workers up, McDonalds and other fast food corporations and employers want to push us beyond safe limits,” crew member Maria Rivera told a rally. “I was pushed to work faster, I ended up burning my hand badly and having to work a full shift with tremendous pain.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also chimed with a livestream address. “McDonald’s recently ‘announced’ [she finger-quoted] that they were going to be raising their minimum wage, quote-unquote, to $15 an hour,” she said. “What they didn’t say was that it’s only for their corporate locations, which only covers about 5% of all the McDonald’s across this country. 95% of the McDonald’s locations are franchises. So we’re not buying it, and we’re not falling for it.”

Today’s demonstrations shut down McDonald’s as far away as Florida, where the above photo was taken. That’s the kind of “No One Wants To Work” sign we like to see.

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