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SF’s New $20k Trash Cans, Even Garbage is a Rip-off in SF

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San Francisco has had filthy streets for as long as I can remember, part of the problem were the poorly designed and easily pilfered green trashcans in our city.  You know the ones, the green monstrosities that are commonly overflowed, or just ripped open, with the oddly designed ‘recycling’ compartments.

Back in in 2017, these green, minimalist cans cost the city a whopping $1,600 to install, each.  I don’t know how much the ‘designs’ cost, I doubt they had to spend anything on design, because humans have been making garbage cans since the dawn of time.

On Wednesday, a supervisors’ committee learned new trash can prototypes will cost between $12,000 and $20,000 each.

There are no doubt, thousands of other cities using trash can designs that work just fine.  Using those designs would cost…nothing.

I spent far too much time today reading about trash can evolution is San Francisco. Remember the square trashcans?  Many were replaced back in 2017.

But not in San Francisco, in our fair city we need not just NEW trash cans, but the most expensive trash cans our tax dollars can buy!  Meet ‘the lineup’ of trash can prototypes you paid for!  These are just the front runners!  Oh, and the $12-20k doesn’t include installation or maintenance.

These beauties were commissioned in 2018, and released in 2020.

Satisfied?  Of course not! Three designs is definitely not enough.  According to the Chronicle, SF Public Works is asking supervisors to approve spending $537,000 from $840,000 on reserve for the project next week. The amount will cover design costs for 15 trash cans and 10 garbage carts with wheels.

If you tried to think of a more expensive way to get new garbage cans, you couldn’t.

“$20,000 a can is ridiculous,” Supervisor Matt Haney said, but Haney and the rest of the committee agreed to the plan on Wednesday. Haney said he “reluctantly” agreed because he didn’t want to further delay replacing old trash cans since the Department of Public Works worked for three years on a new prototype.

Apparently chrome is all the rage in the trash game these day’s meet just 3 of your new contestants:

The ‘Soft Square’

The ‘Slim Silhouette’

The ‘Salt & Pepper’

All that money, and not a single can is an exact replica of Salesforce tower?

This city is insane.


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