Great Highway Reopens To Cars, Hardly Any Cars Show Up

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Image: @KCGrock via Twitter

One of the more contentious San Francisco debates during the pandemic period has been whether or not to let cars back on the Great Highway. Mayor Breed ordered a “compromise measure” that would allow cars to use the thoroughfare on weekdays, but keep the Great Highway car-free on the weekends.

Well, today was the first day cars were allowed back on the Great Highway. And from what we can tell from people who’ve posted from there, very few motorists actually showed up and used the Great Highway for driving.

This is only a one-day sample size, so we can’t be sure that today was indicative of the average weekday. It’s mid-August, so it’s vacation season, and maybe not a representative day. Or maybe people just largely don’t realize it’s open again, so they haven’t changed their driving methods. 

And this fight is not likely over. 48 Hills reports that a couple of urban activists have filed an appeal to overturn the return of cars, as the decision was supposed to be based on a recommendation from SFMTA that isn’t scheduled to be finished for a few more months. 

With respect to giving equal time to Great Highway car advocates, one above complained that Sunday’s Save the Great Walkway Rally left behind a lot of trash. These are all social media reports, and could lack important context. But they indicate the great debate over the Great Highway will not end with today’s reopening.  

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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  1. Mike
    August 21, 2021 at 3:51 pm — Reply

    Note that picture isn’t even from the Great Walkway and that it is trash that was clearly brought in via automobile. Freaking moron! Nothing to do with the Great Walkway at all.

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