The Cruel Sickness of How Texas Just Outlawed Almost All Abortions

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At the stroke of midnight last night, almost all forms of abortion in Texas just became illegalThe second largest state in the nation just outlawed abortion — even in the case of rape or incest — at any point after six weeks of pregnancy. Most women do not even know they are pregnant six weeks into their pregnancy, as an estimated 85%-90% of abortions occur after the sixth week of pregnancy.

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This is a particularly cruel legal sidestep of Roe vs. Wade, where it does not necessarily criminalize abortion, but instead sets up an abortion bounty system which allows any US citizen, even if they are not a resident of Texas, to sue any Texas resident they even suspect of aiding someone else getting an abortion for $10,000 plus attorneys’ fees.

Did a doctor perform the procedure? They’re looking at a $10,000 fine. Did a receptionist check the patient in? They’re looking at a $10,000 fine. Did an Uber or Lyft driver drive the patient to the clinic, not even knowing where they were taking the passenger? They’re looking at a $10,000 fine. 

Yes, theoretically, a guy could even knock a woman up for the sole purpose of suing her and collecting the $10,000.

The draconian law took effect at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning, and the New York Times has a chilling description of those final legal hours at a Texas abortion clinic

“At Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth, the last patient appointment was completed at 11:56 p.m. on Tuesday, said Marva Sadler, senior director of clinic services. She said doctors started early Tuesday morning and treated 117 patients, far more than usual,” according to the Times. ”Anti-abortion protesters gathered outside the clinic. At some point, someone called the fire department — Ms. Sadler said she believed it was a protester — and fire department workers came to ask her about the clinic’s capacity.”

As terrible as this is, it’s not even the endgame of abortion opponents. Their real goal is to stamp out birth control and women’s health services entirely. As the ACLU of Texas explains, “the Texas Legislature passed a ban on government affiliation with abortion providers or their affiliates,” and that “The bill prevents government entities from entering into partnerships or provide any assistance to clinics that are affiliated with abortion providers, even if they do not provide abortion themselves. This cuts off vital to support to communities who rely on these low cost clinics for basic health care like birth control, gynecological exams, cancer screenings, diabetes testing and much more.”

And don’t think this can only happen in a state like Texas. The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Roe vs Wade next month, and the court is now packed with the likes of alcoholic rapist Brett Kavanaugh and the wildly unqualified Amy Coney Barrett.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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