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E40 is Now Slinging Sausage

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The Vallejo born, Bay Area rap mogul, E-40, aka Charlie Hustle, aka 40-Watter, aka Earl Stevens has started a sausage company.  That’s a real sentence, that you just read.

40’s new Vallejo-based sausage company ‘Goon With The Spoon‘ did not pay us to rep them, we just love 40’s bravado so much we’re happy to give it up for free.  But he’s not slangin’ beats, threads, weed or booze this time, but gourmet dogs online.  Priceless

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E-40 partnered with bay area born Kinder Meats (San Pablo) who are known for their bbq sauces and seasonings to produce the sausage.  And if you want to wash the meat down check out Earl Stevens Selections Prosecco Rose DOC.  Cuz 40’s slanging Rose too now.

Yes, that’s 40’s Rose.

After 30 some years headlining in the Bay Area rap game, E-40 is still repping the bay, investing in new companies, inventing new slang, and entertaining all of us no matter what he does.

E-40 & Klay Thompson at SF Giants game, September 2021.

Forty’s sausage is made with 100% all premium beef and chicken cuts, and they are are pork-free with ‘no hog casing’.  Right now their are 4 varieties you can order online. Hot Beef Sausages Mild Beef Sausages, Philly Cheesesteak, Chicken Sausages, and  Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken Sausages.  You can order 8 packages of sausages online for $99.

You can order them online, of all places at

Or follow him on Instagram to see him cook: @E40


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