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Mission Local Makes ‘SF Corruption Scandal’ Quiz & Interactive Map

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It’s important not to get complacent about the corruption, cronyism, lies, and federal crimes perpetrated by our local city government. So to help the fine citizens of San Francisco to stay vigilant and remember the not so distance ‘SF web of scandal’, journalists Will Jarrett and Joe Eskenazi at Mission Local made an interactive map and quiz about SF corruption.


To play with the interactive map of “San Francisco’s growing web of corruption,” visit


It was just last year when Mohammad Nuru, then the director of the San Francisco Department of Public Works, was arrested for a raft of federal corruption charges and was accused of lying to the FBI, he was facing up to 25 years in Federal Prison.

Since then the federal and local investigations have uncovered mountains of dirt on building inspectorsreal estate brokers, and even a Chinese billionaire. From Public Works to the Mayor’s Office to the Public Utilities Commission, and new charges continue to surface.

City employees and contractors have pleaded guilty to charges of bribery, money laundering, and fraud; others are professing their innocence as charges continue to pile up, and it’s hard for you, good citizen, to keep track of it all.

Have no fear! Mission Local devised a ‘Corruption Quiz’ to help us keep it all straight, so we can all remember who was dirty and who’s still under investigation, with questions like:

Question 1: Who pleaded guilty to bribing Mohammed Nuru with a Rolex worth nearly $40,000?

Answer 1 : In Feb. 2021, construction company owner and millionaire Florence Kong pleaded guilty to bribing Nuru with a Rolex worth nearly $40,000 (alongside meals, cash, and a gate for his vacation home).

If you like to play along or check out the interactive ‘corruption web’, check it all out at Mission Local, and don’t be shy in giving them a donation either, we need investigative journalism in our city now more than ever!

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