10 Jan 2022

Former SF Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

Former San Francisco Department of Public Works director Mohammed Nuru pleaded guilty to wire fraud in federal court on Thursday, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Nuru has been at the center of a federal investigation into public corruption at City Hall since he was arrested back in January 2020.

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02 Jun 2021

Former DPW Head Mohammed Nuru Arrested For Allegedly Pulling Knife On Someone

The latest twist in the DPW/public corruption/Mohammed Nuru scandal literally involves a knife. Ed Lee’s handpicked SF Public Works successor Mohammed Nuru has been arrested for alleged robbery and pulling a knife on someone Wednesday morning, according to KGO. The alleged incident occurred at the SF-Marin Food Bank facility in

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22 Feb 2022

How San Francisco Extorts Construction Contractors – Matt Gonzalez Explains

Matt Gonzalez isn’t just a former president of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, he’s also been the Chief Attorney in San Francisco’s Public Defenders Office, and more recently he has defended construction contractors in disputes with the city in private practice. In 2003 Gonzalez narrowly lost a mayoral race to

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14 Feb 2022

Monday News Roundup: IKEA Breaks Ground + Landmark Police Brutality Trial Begins

Hey San Francisco and Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t know about you, but I saw more stories about pancakes than I did about the Super Bowl over the weekend. That’s because local chef Curtis Kimball hosted his second free pancake fest outside of his home in Bernal Heights on Saturday,

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08 Nov 2021

Mission Local Makes ‘SF Corruption Scandal’ Quiz & Interactive Map

It’s important not to get complacent about the corruption, cronyism, lies, and federal crimes perpetrated by our local city government

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19 Aug 2020

SF Board of Supervisors Intends to Create an Advisory Committee on Reparations

GUEST POST BY WESLEY WELLS We’re sitting through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings and breaking them down for you so you don’t have to! Here’s the mini minutes for the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Full minutes available right here. Video and transcript available right

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22 Jul 2020

All the Things You Missed at the Board of Supervisors Meeting

We’re sitting through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings and breaking them down for you so you don’t have to!

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14 Jul 2020

24th Street Trees Face One Last Chance Before Removal

San Francisco is planning to remove 48 of those ficus trees you see above that stand along the sidewalks of 24th Street in the Mission District. After a nearly two-year fight among residents who either love the trees, or think their sprawling roots do too much damage to sidewalks and

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