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Hundreds of Anti-Semitic Messages Left on Berkeley Doorsteps

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This Anti-Semitic flyer was found in San Francisco and similar ones were found in Miami. It is very likely the same one found in Berkeley. Pic via Liz Kruetz on twitter.

The Berkeley Police Department and City Council released a joint statement on Monday afternoon condemning hateful messages left on the doorsteps of houses in the north Berkeley hills.

According to the statement, “hundreds” of neighbors found plastic sandwich bags on their doorsteps on Feb. 20 that were “filled with hateful, Anti-Semitic messaging.” The police said that the bags were delivered “randomly.”

The council and police say the messages were placed by a “small, fringe white supremacist extreme group” that targets Jewish communities as well as other minority groups throughout the Bay Area.

These Anti-Semitic flyers was found in San Francisco and similar ones were found in Miami. It is very likely the same as the ones found in Berkeley. Pic via Liz Kruetz on twitter.

Though the joint statement doesn’t explicitly say what was in the messages, it notes that “identical” anti-Semitic “screeds” blaming the COVID pandemic on the Jewish people have been disseminated across the country.

“As the center of the free-speech movement, Berkeley has always supported people’s rights under the First Amendment,” reads the statement. “But let’s be clear– The Berkeley City Council and our community soundly reject and condemn ANY hate-filled messages and any inference to discrimination of any kind to any person or group.”

The Berkeley Police said they were “highly prioritizing” the hate messages and are actively investigating the case. BPD is asking anyone with camera footage or any other information about the canvassing to call (510) 981-5900.

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1 Comment

  1. Moi
    February 25, 2022 at 2:53 am — Reply

    The Goyim Defense League are a tired, uninspired, anti-Semitic group, right down to their lame appropriation of the MTV logo à la Nazi flag symbol.

    Problem is, that same hack group can exert real influence on real people. The stupidity of it boggles the mind. You list people who are involved in something, who also happen to be Jewish (and one who is also, gasp, transgender) and that is your proof (or lack thereof)?

    But some people, itching for an answer, will find it. And from what source? A two-bit comedian named Jon Minadeo (he gets ‘yucks’, not ‘yuks’). So glad that people at least go to a place they can trust when they need their daily-dose of craptastic propaganda. I mean, when I am interested in autism, I always go to the source: Jenny McCarthy!

    Another problem is that Midadeo, and his fellow troll Patrick Little, are Californians, basking in the liberal glow while tossing defective hand grenades at imaginary foes. Thankfully, the best they can do is spout nonsense and print flyers at their local FedEx, when they aren’t busy running for office (unsuccessfully) or yammering on the Internet (to their friends who live in the same basement apartment as they do). As with most hate mongers, their reach exceeds their grasp. I guess they are optimists?!?! But, again, there are some people who find this drivel compelling. Thank goodness most don’t.

    The counter-intuitive (to some) solution is not to promote the fact that they exist . . . with one caveat. If what they do promotes an act of violence, then go for it. Otherwise, leave them to the sadness of their self-delusions. And pity those who follow them off the cliff of logic and into the dustbin of thoroughly stupid–and hateful–rhetoric.

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