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Most Significant Overturning of Rights in Our Lives

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After 50 years, abortion rights have been taken away. The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade in a decision that has rocked the nation today. Protests are already underway in many cities and you can expect that there will definitely be some today in The Bay as well.

Organizers are already planning to take action today. Protests this evening in San Francisco need you to show up. Nancy Kato, an activist with Reproductive Justice told SFGate that activists are hoping to block key intersections. Then, activists will walk toward the SF Federal Courthouse at 90 Seventh Street.

“We want to build a movement. It’s not just show up, protest and go home. We’re going to organize.”

Protesting already underway – photo from SFGate

When the verdict was leaked, I think a good chunk of people thought that the outrage then would somehow change one of the judge’s minds. However, this was not the case. Not surprisingly, all of Trump’s appointees voted to overturn the verdict. And, equally not surprising… there are many people celebrating this verdict today as many others are protesting it. This, once again, shows us how divided our nation is.
You can read the Full Court Ruling Here.

What does this mean – 13 states will ban almost all abortion rights. A map here by the Washington Post will show you which ones will ban it and which additional states will be potentially voting to ban it in the future. California, thankfully for most of our readers, has protections in place right now to keep it legal here.

What can you do if you can’t make any of the protests this evening?

I’ll be vulnerable with you because I know that many people need to feel seen right now. Right now I’m in shock, I feel sick to my stomach, and I’m in tears as I’m sure many of us are.  I see your pain and I am holding you all in my thoughts today as we all navigate this together.

San Francisco Protest Location Today 5pm


Oakland Protest Today

A protest is planned in downtown Oakland at Frank Ogawa Plaza  Oscar Grant Plaza) today,  Friday at 5 p.m.
Organizers: Bans Off Our Bodies.



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