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Summer Heat Turns Up The Heat

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There is nothing like the hot days of summer to throw your hormones into overdrive. I mean it is almost impossible for anyone with a heartbeat not to feel it. Here in New York City, the heat is even stronger. Perhaps it’s the heat of the asphalt, maybe the traffic, the tall buildings glistening from the sun, not sure exactly what it is but you can definitely feel it.

Imagine taking the subway, it’s hot and humid outside you run down to catch the train. It’s rush hour, it’s crowded like hell where even the air conditioning doesn’t help. There is hardly any room to breathe and you are squished against bodies as the train barrels through the tunnel.



You are a guy wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the person right in front of you is sweating profusely wearing a thin cotton top, that you can see the shape of her breasts and her nipples with a slight glance.  Maybe just like the guy who is getting aroused, she too is turned on with her surroundings, just maybe.

Hey come on we are New Yorkers, we are liberal and easy going and not afraid to show our feelings and display affection whenever we want. What guy hasn’t gone out during lunch when the weather is hot and sunny and sat outside to check girls out? Women walking around with their sundresses, short skirts, wearing shirts a size too small. The same can be said for the ladies, eyeing guys in their tight shirts with bulging muscles and sweat dripping down their faces. Getting all worked up before going back to work.

Some may say the hot weather detracts them from getting their groove on because it is too hot. But I think those exact people will still feel the same if they were freezing the butts off in the dead of winter. After all, most of us are showing more skin in summer. People are out having fun, going to clubs, outdoor concerts, partying, meeting folks they normally would not meet.


Who knows with a few drinks and the added heat one can get cozy with someone they just met. With the heat, you are more willing to rip their clothes off and get it on, perhaps even in the park, on the roof, the subway car…just anywhere.

When you are with someone behind closed doors, you are both naked and getting intimate. Body against body all sweaty, doesn’t that bring you to another level? This is what summer heat does especially here in the city, where there are so many attractive people from all walks of life and cultures. This spices things up even more! Here in the city we know how to party and have fun, day or night, it doesn’t matter. In New York, the excitement is 24 hours a day, especially in the summer.

The intensity of NYC comes to play with our urges and feelings. There is so much energy and excitement that it drives us to do things we normally may not. Who can resist the sight of men and women sunbathing in the parks, their bodies glistening in the sun? For the girls, it is the men with no shirts on or construction workers wearing tight shirts. For the guys it is the girls with their naked legs, sweat dripping from their faces and breasts.

No matter what, it is summer time. It will get hot, humid, and sometimes sticky. Dress lightly, have a cool drink and enjoy the heat. Embrace the possibilities summer brings.

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