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27 Nov 2018

The Pink World of Portia Munson at Bedford Gallery

Once you enter the pink world of Portia Munson at Bedford Gallery, you might get lost in it.  “Her Room/Her World” is the artist’s first solo show on the West Coast, and consists of thousands of discarded pink objects.  The great majority of these products were originally created for and marketed

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27 Nov 2018

Only Idiots Think ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is Racist

You may have seen the ‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Criticized as Racist’ article, circulating on social media over the holidays.  Then again, if you don’t follow conservative news channels or sites that specialize in ‘what’s trending’, you may have missed this bit of idiotic, and dishonest, clickbait. In an expertly crafted (albeit

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26 Nov 2018

How to Drink Wine and Not Become a Monster

OFF MENU IS SPONSORED BY BENDER’S BECAUSE THEY ARE BADASS. DROP BY AND MAKE SOME BAD DECISIONS WITH SOME GOOD PEOPLE! BY LAUREN VOLPER I love the taste, the appeal, the bubbles, the tannins, and the overall experience of drinking wine. I love the social aspect, the accessibility, and the way I feel after

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26 Nov 2018

Note to Tech Industry: Try Asking “Should We do This?”

This article originally appeared in my Broke-Ass City column for the the San Francisco Examiner A few weeks ago I ran into a friend who works at one of the companies creating driverless cars. “Oh man,” he told me, “this whole thing is happening way sooner than anyone thinks. Two

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20 Nov 2018

This Gender Bending Artist Is Re-Imagining The World’s Most Iconic Images

Yasumasa Morimura may be Japan’s most well-known appropriation artist. He’s reimagined some of the best-known images in the world. Morimura has painted himself into iconic pieces of art and superimposes himself into historical photographs. His aim has been to push racial, ethnic and gender boundaries in his conservative Japan and

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17 Nov 2018

The ‘Costco of Weed’ Opens in the Bay Area

Flower Company sells ounces of weed for $59.   That’s not a typo, that’s ounces with an ‘O’.  That’s also why Stuart and our team are now Flower Company members and why we’ve partnered with them to promote their incredible, Humbolt grown, wholesale Cannabis service in the Bay Area. When we

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16 Nov 2018

The Zombie Asian Moms Are Coming To NYC and they are Hilarious

Some moms want their kids to follow their own hearts and dreams. Other moms want the same as long as those heart and dreams lead to medical school. Comedian/writer Kate Rigg and violinist Lyris Hung believe that the Asian mothers they know and love fall into the latter category. These

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