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Go Cheap Street with Go Streatery…

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When December’s cloudy coldness is nipping at your nips, the last thing that conjures up in your mind is sitting on a curb in a suburban retail shopping plaza to roam from food truck to food truck. When I saw Go Streatery’s menu options online, I immediately strutted down to check out the truck. The truck, that promises to bring “peasant food” to the masses, slightly resembles a Southern jazz shack that sits in quiet solitude along the mighty Mississippi. All right, maybe I’m getting too romantic about a fucking truck. But, I will tell you that the Oxtail and Grits that I held in my hand started to make pockets of saliva quiver inside of my mouth long before I opened up to stuff anything inside. 

This scoop and serve dish is smart and quick for truck service, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive. Just the visualization of an edgy, but soft, red gravy sea making this lowly beautiful island of oxtail glisten while it sat on its throne of the ever humble grits that peeked through like the sea floor during low tide. Bits of vibrant Kelly green parsley leaves and, “what is that? Is that orange zest?” floating along like seagulls on ripples. The baby carrots, eh, although delicious, wouldn’t have been missed. Completely filling for two fat people and only for $9.75!

Lemon Ricotta Zeppoles topped with confectioner’s sugar and wrapped in a page from a catalog, but separated by a piece of parchment. Cute. The Zeppoles were just how a doughnut should be, but is often not. Incredibly crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside. And for $3, a terrible addiction lurking around the bend.

I don’t know how I managed to miss this truck in its year’s existence, but I’m glad I discovered it. You’ll be glad as well when you get your keister off the cushion and onto the Streatery.

Go Streatery Food Truck



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