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Reel M’ Inn: Portland’s Bar Food Extraordinaire

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What could possibly distract you from the embarrassment of your traveling companion knocking over two pints of beer onto the table, floor, and your army jacket while every…one…in…the…room…watches…you? Reel M’ Inn’s fried chicken and jojos is what.

Don’t believe it could be that good? Just ask Sean Brock, he proudly states that the fried chicken in his Husk restaurant is modeled after Reel M’ Inn’s cluckingly delicious poultry.

Luckily, the barkeep was incredibly understanding and added her quick sense of humor to the hullabaloo, “Here are two fresh pints. Keep your eye on him so he doesn’t knock these over.” I’m sure my companion wanted nothing but to get the hell out of there, but while some of us find a way to dunk large wedges into ranch containers, I have been to Portland three times and never had enough time to make it here.

You’re asked if you want something to eat, or you can ask for a menu. Reel M’ Inn has a combo of three legs and 4 jojos (which is literally an entire potato) for $5.75. There aren’t enough napkins to wipe your sticky fingers from the chicken jizz and fry-o-lator oil; wet naps are needed. The skin of the Russets turn into crepe paper and the inside velvety. This is what all bar food should be
like: substantial fried mahogany.

We shared one portion, consumed in the back corner of the room under an infrared afterglow. If I would have eaten the entire thing on my own, I don’t know if I would have made it out alive. There would have been two of us ashamed of what we had done.


Reel M’ Inn
2430 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202
[Southeast Portland]

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