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What it’s Like Dating A Sex Addict

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Might As Well Face it You’re Addicted to Sex

I had sex with a married woman in the backseat of my Boss’s car.

She began flicking her tongue between my thighs while my Boss was driving down 6th St.  At 8th St. her nipple slid onto my clitoris while a few athletic fingers palpated the heart I keep concealed behind my pubic bone.  I busted while parked in front of a club on Folsom.  The dome light was on so it turned into a peep show.

We banged in the Quick-Change Room at the theater we work at, fucked on friends’ couches at parties, and fornicated in numerous restrooms at bars.  I started bringing a small blanket with me that I could whip out to cover any surface, alleviating discomfort from unsuitable sex areas.

I injured my knee.  It’s been two months, and it still hurts.  I was dry-humping her on top of an ill-padded couch in the foyer at a gay club.  It didn’t hurt until I got off of her but left me bedridden for the next week.

I’m the “victim” of a sex addict, but I really enjoyed it.

Sex addiction didn’t make the DSM-5, which is the bible for diagnosing mental disorders.

study at UCLA also concluded that brain responses in sex addicts didn’t increase when exposed to sexual stimuli like the brain responses of a cocaine addict, for example, increased when exposed to pictures of cocaine.

Why does mental illness need to be validated anyways?

The debilitating component of mental illness such as addiction is the lost connection to society.  Recovery is explaining the shame in layman’s terms without reaping judgement.  In a country with a ‘melting pot’ of cultures, it would only be right to assume that we breed a similar melting pot of mental illness.  Or better yet, an eclectic definition of ‘normalcy.’

When William Shakespeare first used the term ‘addiction’ it meant something you liked a lot.  There wasn’t a negative connotation associated with it like there is today.  And in 2015, our knowledge involving the brain and psychology is about at the same place it was in 1601 when Bill was writing Hamlet.

An addiction is just a relationship that worked out.

Maybe we should all celebrate a good thing and have Sex in the Quick-Change Room.

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Badinage- Senior Drug Analyst

Badinage- Senior Drug Analyst

I wanted to be a 'traveling bartender' and live in every major city for 6 months and have a girlfriend and a boyfriend in each city. At the end, I would pick my favorite destination and live there permanently. I've lived in Amsterdam, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Madison Psychiatric Ward in the corner room on the top bunk that we decided to keep on the floor.