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Sara Adams Sara and her boss won VIP treatment and a piggyback ride from Jimmy Kimmel thanks to Omaze, the non-profit who rewards people who give to charity.  Sara’s Company Brondell won the trip after donating to a wonderful non-profit The Art Of Elysium, which enriches the lives of critically ill children through performance art.


Jimmy Kimmel carried my boss, like a boss. I don’t know if it was the proximity to a famous person, or his brute male strength, or the music coming from Alabama Shakes 10 feet away, but I’ve never wanted to make out with someone more than Jimmy Kimmel in that moment. He wasn’t in my top three before, but he is now. Beaming white smile, a little salt and pepper hair (any girl over the age of 25 can appreciate that), I just wanted to sit on his lap like a kid with Santa. But naughty. Here’s how it all started:

jimmy kimmel piggy



To bring attention to various non-profit causes, a company called Omaze gets celebrities to offer up something to the people that donate to said cause. Examples are going to the final taping of the Daily Show, blow shit up with Arnold Schwarzenegger, zip lining with Brooklyn Decker. We (my company Brondell) donated to The Art of Elysium, a non-profit arts program for children in the hospital and by doing so we were entered into a drawing to win a piggy back ride from Jimmy Kimmel. And by some random luck, we actually won. We were flown down to LA, put up in a sweet hotel and given the VIP treatment at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.


Us with Jimmy at the Alabam Shakes concert

Jimmy Kimmel was amazingly down to earth, I saw Courtney Cox (who is smoking hot in real life, BTW, I just wanted to reach out and touch her boobs) and got to see Alabama Shakes perform live from a mere arm’s length away. We watched the show taping from the green room which was fully stocked with all you could eat deviled eggs and little tacos (fuck my breath, I ate all of it!), we could order any drink we wanted, for FREE! I was surrounded by people that were clearly important but I didn’t know why they were important, and they might have even thought that I was important (at least until they saw my excitement over the buffet). Then, my 6’3″ boss literally jumped on Jimmy’s back, and Jimmy just handled it! He was so nice, he even made us dinner reservations at a new restaurant he thought we’d like. It’s true what they say, famous people really are just like us. But better.

So if you want the chance to hang out with Anna Kendrick at the Pitch Perfect 2 Premiere (I do, I really do!) or start in a Vine directed by Judd Apatow (who wouldn’t), I suggest you check out Omaze. Maybe someday you too could eat & drink for free in a green room somewhere.


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