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The Hottest Puppies at Phono Del Sol, & Band Photos

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Phono Del Sol officially kicks off the summer concert season in San Francisco—and unofficially marks the start of summer dog walks. Although the true stars of the show are the ones on the stage (this year’s lineup included Porches, Chastity Belt, SOL Development, Spellling, Covet, Boy Scouts, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Ah Mer Ah Su, Queens D.Light, and Blues Lawyer), the festival might come to be defined by dog celebrities, whose coats are shiny, collars colorful, and, of course, always Instagram-ready. If you couldn’t make it out to the fest, here’s the opportunity to see which dogs—such as the Chihuahua, Poodle, and Greyhound—had some of the best looks at Phono Del Sol in 2019.

A popular theme at this year’s festival was acting lazy and being held by your human parent. Perhaps more so than any previous years there were a lot of dogs being carried between the two stages.

The Bay Area’s biggest A-listers, Instagram’s favorite influencers and the music scene’s most in-demand artists descended on Potrero Del Sol Park for San Francisco’s most dog filled music festival. For your viewing pleasure, we focused on everything from Bulldogs to Labrador Retrievers, ahead, the best dog breeds from Phono Del Sol 2019.

For those of you that also wanted to see what the bands looked like … we got that too! Enjoy these photos of Porches, Chastity Belt, SOL Development, Spellling, Covet, Boy Scouts, and Salami Rose Joe Louis.

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Stefan Aronsen

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