13 Feb 2013

Bun Bo Hue at Jasmine Garden

 Jasmine Garden’s Bun Bo Hue Two doors down from what used to be called The Transfer on 14th Street is Jasmine Garden, a fairly un-assuming Vietnamese restaurant.  It is nestled right in the crook of one of S.F’s major transportation hubs (from which was derived the name of the above-mentioned bar),

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15 Dec 2011

Pho Garden is Pho Real

I may enjoy writing about Pho almost as much as I enjoy eating it.  I’m an expert punsmith and the punsibilities associated with crafting a pho review delight me to no end.  Fortunately Pho Garden on Clement does make some seriously solid pho. Don’t let the sign on the door

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03 Nov 2011

Pho Clement II Electric Boogaloo

When you catch a movie with whose title is followed with numeral dos you generally expect a rehash of something that never lives up to the original.  Such is not the case at Pho Clement II. Even though the restaurant is actually on Geary that does little to hinder the

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03 Aug 2011

Me Like Cafe Bunn Mi

I know what you’re thinking. Another Bahn Mi restaurant on Clement St.? Cafe Bunn Mi literally just opened and I have to admit, although it looks a bit non-authentic (and the name seems a bit Americanized), it really is. The outside looks more like a coffee shop than most Vietnamese

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21 Jun 2010

Awesome San Francisco Places to get Pho

I friggin’ love Pho. A friend introduced me to the glorious Vietnamese soup early last year and my life hasn’t been the same since. I am in a constant state of wanting Pho. I will never not want it. I can literally not get enough. I was worried it would

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26 Oct 2009

A Bowl of Pho, a Cheesesteak, and a Side of Ravioli- Navigating the Subtleties of Indigestion at Americana Grill and Fountain

I’ve always enjoyed odd combinations when it comes to food.  Maybe its because I’m the product of an odd combination myself.  Generally speaking though, my meals tend to look like sampler platters comprised of items blindly grabbed out of the icebox. Hence my delight in the restaurant mash-up that is

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