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14 May 2011

Triple Crown of Yo-Yo Competition

The event of the year for all you Yo-Yo enthusiasts is happening today in North Beach! One of the three national Triple Crown Yo-Yo competition will be held from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the north side of Washington Square Park, near Filbert Street, and it is FREE for

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07 May 2011

2nd Annual Mission Prom Night

There are many things I enjoy more now than I did in my youth: Disneyland, mustard, good arch support, to name a few. The best example that comes to mind, however, is the prom. Possibly for the desire for a major do-over, or maybe just because I like any excuse

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30 Apr 2011

13th Annual Glen Park Festival

Having lived in San Francisco for the past seven years, I feel like I am at least somewhat familiar with most neighborhoods in the city.  The exception is Glen Park.  I am ashamed to say that until recently I wasn’t 100% sure where it was/that it existed. Yes, I know

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16 Apr 2011

Refresh Your Broke-ass at Hayes Valley Farm

If you haven’t been to Hayes Valley Farm, this weekend is the perfect chance to explore and celebrate this great example of urban agriculture. The farm is located on the old freeway on/off ramp, and has brought the community together to grow and provide fresh, amazing produce. There are three

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02 Apr 2011

Bakesale for Japan

In times of crisis, it is a natural impulse to try and lend a hand (unless you are a jerk by nature). Hunger is another example of such an impulse. Today, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM you will have the chance to act on those impulses and buy some

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26 Mar 2011

Do it in the Dark – Earth Hour 2011

I like Earth. It’s a pretty neat planet in my opinion. Not as rad as Saturn, or as controversial as Pluto (STILL A PLANET IN MY HEART), but overall Earth is pretty cool. Unfortunately, we humans have royally fucked ourselves into a corner, environmentally speaking. We’re on an express train

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19 Mar 2011

Unisex Clothing Swap in Oakland

I’m always looking for reasons to travel to the other side of the Bay, and the prospect FREE clothes qualifies. This Sunday, Actual Cafe will be hosting a unisex clothing swap, and it looks to be a joyous affair. All you have to do is bring some decent clothes to

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