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21 May 2014

Entertaining for the Poor as F*ck: The Best $5 Red Wines

My second love is wine (second only to food). Oh, wine: you beautiful muse. I adore thee. A while back my parents decided to do a Sideways-inspired family vacation (I think that movie affected us all): we went all up and down wine country. A little pinot, a little syrah, the drunkest

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17 Oct 2012

How About We…Do Something Cheap?

  A wise man once said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” However, if you’re reading this, it may pain you slightly to not be in 100% agreement. Don’t sweat it. Snap out of that funk, little chipmunk! You can still live like a (semi) normal person, just use these handy alternatives

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06 Jul 2012

Good Meals For Starving People: Chili

Beans! Today is all about ’em. I know last week I wrote about sex and I am probably wrecking boners everywhere, but please hear me out. I’m going through this really weird time right now. I’m starting new projects and none of them pay for a couple more weeks. So I’m in-between

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25 Mar 2010

$5 Gets you Meat, Cheese and Wine at Whole Foods

Whole Foods in Potrero Hill is at it again. Remember that Beer Week event with the cheap microbrew and the food tastings?  Well they’re doing something similar tonight from 5-7pm. $5 gets you Australian wines paired with meats and cheeses plus you’re actually doing a mitzvah because the money is

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08 Feb 2010

Celebrate SF Beer Week with FREE Food and Cheap Pints

So, as you may have noticed from the Swagger Stagger video I was in: it’s SF Beer Week!  And today there is a dope event going on that even you, my dear broke-asses, can afford to attend. Wes Anderson and Kenny Scherr from the Whole Foods in Potrero Hill, have

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09 Dec 2009

This Saturday: FREE Vegan Ice Cream Social & That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals Book Party!

This event is gonna be rad.  I know how some of you feel about Café Gratitude, and as a vegan I will be the first to admit that it’s an unusual establishment, but it’s also FREE ice cream and an important book, so suck it up.  On Saturday afternoon the

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