Pranksters Hijacked Mike Pence’s ‘Official’ website

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Some hilarious people launched a website called, which is ‘officially’ dedicated to Vice President Mike Pence and and his campaign to be the next President of the United States. The word ‘official’ should be in heavy quotations because reads like an article from the Onion and was never operated by the Pence team.   It is however the top returning search result when you ask Google about Mike Pence now, so ‘official’ or not, the world will be learning a lot more about the satirical Mike Pence in the foreseeable future: “Mike Facts” section

It has been falsely reported that Pence’s actual website was ‘hacked’, this newly famous website was started independently of the Pence team as an April Fools day joke and has since become much more popular than any other site associated with the Vice President.  It’s much like when Dan Savage started the website in protest of then presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s hateful and anti-gay agenda.  Savage’s campaign was so effective that it altered Google’s search algorithm for the term ‘Santorum’ and for years afterward when you searched ‘Santorum’, the result was:  “santorum” is defined as: “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex”.  You can imagine this was not great for the ‘squeaky clean’ evangelical candidate.  And you can imagine Pence’s people are not happy about his new online identity: “Mike’s Story” section

The “Official” Mike Pence website is full of clever and humorous information that you should definitely read for yourself, there is an amazing “Mike’s Story” section,  as well as information on Mike’s eating habits and a section on Mike’s wife/mother complex.  Even the banner ads on the site are custom.

The site’s search bar is nothing short of devious:

Check it our for yourself, it will definitely make you smile

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