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How to Prepare Your Home for Natural Disasters and More

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When you turn on your weather station and hear that a storm is projected to hit your city this upcoming week, do you feel content knowing you’ve instilled the right preparation — or do you frantically begin to look for ways to safeguard your house at the last second instead?

Keeping your home prepared and ready to confront any potential danger is a necessary part of maintaining a safe and sheltered space. From prepping for power outages to keeping unwanted intruders out, there’s many tips and tricks you can follow to keep your house protected from every potential danger.

The key to preparing your home with optimal readiness and maximum efficiency is to begin your preparation tips today. Not sure how? Just check out our top six home readiness tips below so that you can ensure your home remains your safe space — just as it should be.

1. Fix Necessary Home Repairs Immediately

image from HomeTips

That loose tile on the roof may not seem like a big deal at the moment but imagine your horror when you realize these openings on the top of your home leave you vulnerable to leaks and other home damages during any upcoming storms.

Fixing any necessary repairs on the spot is an especially important tip for those who desire foolproof house readiness methods — even when they’re away.

Perform weekly inspections of while covering all of your bases. Check rooftops, walls, and floorboards for any signs of wear or damage. Whenever you notice an issue, fix it immediately to prevent yourself from further destruction in the future. If you’re a renter and you have concerns start discussing them with your landlord now.

2. Double Down with Added Security

Home security cameras are incredibly affordable these days. Check this system out here.

To relax in your home with an added peace of mind, remember to always maximum your level of security for the ultimate protection.

Make sure to monitor your home with surveillance cameras and alarm systems that deter potential robbers from breaking and entering your protected space.

You don’t need to build an extensive security system to feel at ease and protected against burglars, either. Simple tips such as drawing the curtains throughout the day and storing valuable possessions inside help keep both you and your goods safely protected inside.

3. Maintain a Stockpile of Daily Essentials

Too lazy to make an emergency kit? Buy online here.

One negative aspect of the natural world is its unpredictable nature. You may not always know when an emergency situation will strike — but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for when it does.

Whether you live in an area with one general climate or have the fortune of experiencing all four seasons every year, no region is entirely free from natural disasters or potentially hazardous storms.

Be sure to build your own emergency kit that you can safely store in your attic, basement, or any room of your home. Include your list of daily essentials, including water, nonperishable goods, and blankets, inside of every kit. It’s important to have access to all of your necessary materials when you most need them — a feature which emergency kits never fail to provide. You can also buy pre-made ones like this.

4. Keep a Flashlight Handy

This one has great reviews on amazon and is very affordable.

Having an emergency light source is a homeowner must — especially in areas where storms and power outages are a frequent occurrence.

Flashlights prevent you from falling or injuring yourself by lighting your path even when your electrical system fails or the sun sets. It’s essential to have a lighted path to find your way to a safe spot in your home whenever necessary.

If you’re going to keep your flashlight handy, then make sure that you always have a backup pair of the appropriate batteries, too. Keep a fresh pair of batteries and a durable flashlight at your bedside to prepare yourself to find safety every time an emergency strikes. Here is a good option.

5. Uphold an Orderly and Useable Basement

This looks like the best basement ever. Image from ClickAmericana

Imagine relaxing in the air-conditioned environment of your living room only to have the power go out during a scorching hot summer day. While undesirable, cooling systems sometimes fail — which is where a clean and functional basement comes into play (note: this is only applicable if you have a basement).

If your basement is currently overflowing to the brim with clutter, consider renovating it into a useable space. If the power fails during the summer, you may need to move your family to a cool and dry place, such as the basement, when temperatures continue to climb.

Start by organizing your basement to provide an open space that fosters relaxation. In case a storm, power outage, or natural disaster affects your home, you’ll have a sheltered area where you and your family can relax more safely. You’ll be able to remain safely within your home while avoiding the higher-level rooms in your house affected by exterior conditions.

6. Include Pets in Your Plans, Too

There are even emergency kits for your pets like this one.

You may have an emergency goal in mind whenever a potential disaster strikes, but did you remember to include your animals in your plans, too?

Pets are more susceptible to fear and heightened emotions during storms and high-tension events, so be sure to keep tabs on your cats or dogs at all time. If there’s ever an extreme snowstorm, tornado, or other dangerous event projected to afflict your area, you want to ensure your pet is where you expect to find them so that you can evacuate everyone quickly and efficiently.

Consider microchipping your pet so that you can successfully reunite with them after a potential separation, too. A simple way of tracking your pet can safeguard you against lost or missing pets during emergency situations. You can also buy emergency kits for your pets. Check out these kits for your dogs and cats.

Prepare Your Way to Safety

When it comes foolproof methods that keep your home in optimal working shape, the key to success is to initiate your top tricks and tips immediately to prepare yourself for whatever situation life throws your way.

After all, a house isn’t truly a home unless you can feel a sense of comfort when nestled inside of it, too.

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