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By Kelly O’Grady

You like supporting local business? You like the comic books? Then get off yah’ duff chowda’ head and walk over to Mission Comics and buy some graphic novels already! Leef Smith, the proprietor of Mission Comics is a huge sweetheart and a real mensch. They have sales all the time on cool stuff. Mission comics has been open since 2009 and has been supporting the comics scene ever since. Plus they have a great art space that always features groovy things.

Leef Smith, owner of Mission: Comics and Art

Not only is Mission Comics and Art a comic store it’s also a community space for cartoonists to meet and discuss the finer points of comic illustration and its also been the place that features events like the 24 hour comic challenge where cartoonists stay up for 24 straight hours drawing comics till their eyes bleed.

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You’d be a real putz if you didn’t go over to Mission Comics & Art on 2250 mission street and just dump your wallet on the table and make it rain. You know how hard it is to keep a business afloat in our fancy pants city, imagine how hard it is to keep a damn comic book store going with the rents the way it is, jesus! What? you’d rather have another fucking yoga studio/ taxidermy boutique open up rather then keep a kick ass comic book store open for the community to enjoy? Ya mook!

What? You’re too lazy to scrape yourself off your couch but you still wanna support Mission Comics? Guess what, my fine fellow! Mission Comics has a Patreon page here and you should just dump all your money on there to support independent business!

In short, comic books are rad and Mission Comics is rad and you if you don’t support them you are a real nimrod! Thank you for your time.

The end.

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