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North Beach Fire Businesses Bounce Back in New Pop-Up

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All of the businesses shut down by the the tragic St. Patrick’s Day North Beach fire are back, in the form of a new pop-up restaurant that’s a great way to help these displaced businesses and staff get back on their feet. It’s called Doors Open and it literally keeps the doors of these beloved spots open as the 600 block of Union Street rebuilds and recovers from the fire. Doors Open recreates the look and feel of the restaurants and shops that were shut down, employs many of the displaced staff, and 100% of the profits go directly to the employees of Salzburg, Ferry Plaza Seafood, Rogue Ales, Public House, Tuk Tuk Thai, and Coit Liquors.


They even recreated a mini Coit Liquors! How cool is that? These wines are specifically curated to pair with the food at Doors Open. “We put the wine list together with what was going to be served,” Coit Liquors manager Michael Reynolds tells “I worked out this wine list accordingly.”

The pop up is full of associations with the neighborhood and the displaced businesses, and features faux indoor trees, street lamps, and little stuffed parrots of Telegraph Hill. “The whole homage is to Washington Square Park,” says Doors Open publicist Emily Wong. “We’re really trying to recreate a space within a space, and emulate all of the five businesses that were ravaged in the last month, in one space.”

The food is great, with a combo menu featuring dishes from all the displaced restaurants. But that steam-spewing, gin-and-raspberry cocktail called If You’re Not First, You’re Last! Kind of steals the show.

Seriously, check out the fucking detail and craftsmanship of this cocktail!

Larb Tacos at Doors Open, Image: Katie Newburn

The pop-up will be open for the next 90 days, and this Powell and Union St. space will eventually be a new restaurant and bar called Lillie Coit’s — named for the Gold Rush-era hero who herself has some history with firefighting. “Lillie Coit is one of the cornerstones of this neighborhood,” the space’s artist and designer Nicholas Roberto tells “She’s the patron saint of firefighters.”

The 600 block of Union Street is hurting, but you can help bring it back

And you can be a real patron saint to the businesses that lost everything the night of the St. Patricks’ Day North Beach fire by grabbing a meal and a drink at Doors Open. The interior is an adorable and heartwarming tribute to that North Beach block, the food keeps the spirit of those businesses alive, and you’re helping support a great cause for some of your favorite North Beach businesses in need.


Doors Open is open every day for the next 90 days; Mon.-Fri. 5 p.m-1 a.m. and Sat.-Sun. 10 a.m.-1 a.m., 1707 Powell Street at Union Street

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