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Flower Company’s First Gallery Party Turns Dance Party

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Phony Ppl playing at Flower Company’s new concert series.  Photo: Charlie DePew

Stoners get a bad rap for being mellow and lazy, but the 111 Minna gallery party/concert hosted by Flower Company (nicknamed the Costco of Cannabis) turned into an energetic dance club. Brooklyn based Phony Ppl brought all the hype Saturday night. The evening started as any typical show in SF would – abundant mellow opening vibes from Austin Prince filled the two gallery rooms. But this evening was special, as the attendees could listen while gazing at art by Emily Fromm, sitting in the Flower Company throne for a photo booth, or checking out the merchandise tables and bar.

Flower Company neon sign at the gallery merch table. Photo by Charlie DePew

When Phony Ppl’s set started, the concert room filled with both eager listeners and some chatty partyers alike. As the songs went on and the music picked up, the crowd full of talkers started to quiet down. The groovable instruments meshed with Elbee Thrie’s soulful smooth voice, creating an irresistible happy dance party.

Elbee Thrie’s soulful smooth voice. Photo by Laina Petrinec

By the time they played “HelGa.” (yes, like Helga Pataki from the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold) no one stood still; stoners, drunks, and sobers alike matched the band’s enthusiasm with some hip-swaying, and even took a big social drink together.

Phony Ppl taking a drink with the crowd with a rose in the mic. Photo by Laina Petrinec

After a heartfelt “Somehow.” while emotions were peaking for the show, an enamored audience member passed up a rose to the lead singer. Elbee, who was clearly feeling the love vibes being sent in energy or smoke waves through the air, told the crowd his night was made and put the rose in the mic stand. They closed the set on a high note (no pun intended), but not before each band member had time for a healthy and impressive solo.

You’re probably having all sorts of feels after reading this, and if FOMO is one of them, there are still tickets to the next Flower Company concert! This next gallery dance party will be March 29 featuring Jay Prince & MOSSS. You can get into this show for FREE if you’re a Flower Company member, but tickets for non-members are also available.

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Laina Petrinec

Laina Petrinec

Laina was raised attending cheap concerts in the LA music scene and is now broke from attending too many indie rock shows in the Bay Area. At concerts, you can find her on the edge of the mosh pit with ear plugs in, or buying concert tickets 8 months in advance while cursing processing fees.