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Sweet Census Jobs Paying Up To $30 An Hour Still Totally Available

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Could you use a job that pays 30 bucks an hour? Because they’re sitting there for the taking in in the 2020 United States Census. Thousands of Census jobs are still available, and you totally get to set your own hours. You can even do it on the weekends and pad your other income, and several Bay Area counties are paying the highest Census wage in the country at $30 an hour. In New York City, Census jobs are paying $25-$28 an hour.   

And they’re still hiring. “The majority of job offers will be made between January and March 2020,” the Census Bureau says in a statement, so they’re still hiring hot and heavy. “The Census Bureau will make hundreds of thousands of job offers throughout the country.”

Image: Mitch Barrie via Flickr

Here’s a tool showing how much the Census pays in your region, and below we’ve listed what those jobs pay by county in the Bay Area:

  • San Francisco – $30/hour
  • San Mateo – $30/hour
  • Santa Clara – $30/hour
  • Santa Cruz – $21/hour
  • Marin County – $25/hour
  • Alameda – $25/hour
  • Contra Costa – $25/hour
  • Napa – $21/hour
  • Solano – $21/hour

Image: Mitch Barrie via Flickr

The job is called “enumerator” or “census taker,” and it’s basically just knocking on doors and writing down people’s answers.

“Beginning in mid-April, census takers will work in an operation that counts all people who have not self-responded to the decennial census questionnaire,” Census Bureau spokesperson Josh Green tells “They will visit those households in person and help residents respond to the census. We want to recruit people who live in the communities they’re working in. Census takers with local knowledge can become trusted messengers in explaining to their neighbors how important it is to respond to the census.”

You can apply for a Census job online at or by calling 1-855-JOB-2020.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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