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TOMA Offering “Buy One, Give One” Meals to Help Feed SF Students

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Despite the absolute insanity that’s going on right now with regard to coronavirus, it’s incredible to see the community step up and help each other. This came across my desk the other day and I thought I’d share.

The folks at TOMA are doing a “Buy One, Give One” meal program to help kids who normally would be receiving free lunch at school. Each meal will consist of chicken, rice, beans, and veggies and there is a vegetarian option. The program is starting with the families in need at Dolores Huerta Elementary School, a Title One school in the Glen Park neighborhood where over 70% of the students qualify for free lunches and most are in need.

And to top things off, the folks at Urbana are making this even more awesome by giving you 20% off your order. All you gotta do is use the promo code “URBANA” This is part of the “Urbana for good in your hood” campaign, where they are helping out other small business owners who are contributing the community.

To order a meal you can go right here and you can even donate a meal without getting one for yourself. Do this by bypassing the “select a time” and select “Give a meal” from the dropdown menu.

Also check out how other restaurants and school districts are stepping up to help people right here.

Here’s the whole message from the folks at TOMA:

Here at TOMA we strive in being as much a part of the community as our community is a part of our business. We have loved serving all of the friendly faces and fellow burrito lovers! When we started TOMA in 2012, we envisioned our work helping fill a void in our community by providing healthy, authentic, and fresh options to our neighborhood. As we embarked on this burrito and taco journey, we made some great friends in our community, have donated to programs we believed in, and hope we’ve at least made a small impact in the community.

In order to come together as a community and help those families that are in need during these difficult and uncertain times, we are looking to create some strong partnerships throughout the larger SF area. Many small businesses are cutting employee hours trying to survive and in doing so, many families’ incomes have been cut or completely lost. With schools out, there are many students without meals and unfortunately, many of those same students have parents that have been directly affected by the cut in hours and layoffs.

We are proposing a “buy one, give one” meal program. For every meal donated, we will be matching and donating a meal. The meal will consist of chicken, rice, beans, and veggies. We will also have vegetarian options. We will be the first restaurant to be a part of this program but hope to add additional small restaurants. This is to help generate revenue for these small businesses, which will allow for them not to cut hours and most importantly, to help provide meals for those families in need. We will begin this program with the families in need at Dolores Huerta Elementary School, a Title One school in the Glen Park neighborhood. Over 70% of these students qualify for free lunches and most are in need.

We are certain that if we come together as a community, we will be able contribute to helping make these uncertain times less stressful. We want to help our neighbors, friends, and their families feel like they are not alone. We are all in this together. Please help us create awareness, spread the word and even buy a lunch. Lunches can be purchased online at:
Or in person if necessary, at TOMA located in the Marina 3318 Steiner St. SF 94123.

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