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All That Glitters: Sutro Tower from Bernal Heights, 2019

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All That Glitters is an homage to the dreamers and schemers that make the Bay Area unique. San Francisco artist Kaytea Petro uses a homemade hibiscus ink to illustrate historic photos, lovingly depicting a bygone era. More of her work can be seen at or on her Instagram.

All the the writings were created by students at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts. Many of the source photos used to create the drawings come from the San Francisco Public Library’s Photo Collection.

Sutro Tower from Bernal Heights, 2019


by Hero Freedom and Chance Garson

Sutro was once just a hill
But twas decided that it fit the bill
So a tower was conceived
The public deceived
So News Stations could get their fill

Construction began in the time of hippies
Yet the opposing stations got a bit lippy
So their silence was bought
And the public knew not
Of the tower that would not get tippy

A gentlemen’s agreement ‘twas the route
Taken by the stations to prevent a shout
So by the time it was completed
It stands to be repeated
That there was an official media blackout

For many years things went by without a hitch
And you begin to believe there will not be a glitch
In the tower created
From that entirely fated
Agreement of gentlemen bewitched

Then the tower began to lean
Wreaking havoc, terror, and all in between
A piece disappeared
The public endured
And the only one who noticed was a teen

About the Poets: Hero Freedom and Chance Garson are students at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.

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