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The ‘Shelter in Place’ Film Competition by ROXIE Theater!

Updated: May 21, 2020 11:15
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Stuck sheltering in place? It doesn’t have to mean your creativity has to lie fallow. The Roxie Theater, San Francisco’s torchbearer for cinematic funkiness, has come up with a fun way for housebound folks to unleash their creativity and even have a chance for some goodies from the theater.

Welcome to the Roxie Mixtape-In-Place festival. It’s your chance to show the world how you’ve been able to convert the raw materials surrounding you in your shelter into a short original film.

Here’s what the festival committee is looking for:

* Nothing longer than 3 minutes.
* You choose the short’s genre. For example, it can be animation, music video, found footage, or whatever.
* The short must be made during your local shelter-in-place period.
* Your short’s footage should consist of only interior shots, to keep with the festival’s sheltering in place spirit.
* However, if your short uses animation, found footage, or even a set design, the interior footage only rule doesn’t apply.

Who can enter? Basically anybody from around the world. There will be two entry categories: kids/youth under 18 and adults. There’s no submission fee, or indeed any other entrance fee. The submitted film must be downloadable through weblink, a cloud-sharing service, or even an email.

If you’re interested in having your short seen at the festival, here are some important dates to remember:
May 31Deadline for submitting your short.
June 16 – When notifications that your short has been accepted will be sent out.
July 1 – Premiere of the Mixtape-In-Place Virtual Screening.
TBD – Theatrical screening at the Roxie of selected shorts from the Virtual Screening.

Both youth and adult Mixtape-In-Place entrants will be eligible for the same awards and prizes. The Jury Awards will be determined by a panel of judges TBA. The First Place winner gets to hold a private watch party in the Little Roxie after the theater re-opens. The Second Place winner gets a Roxie Patron Membership. The Third Place winner gets a Roxie T-shirt. On the other hand, the winners of the Audience Award will be determined by votes by the Virtual Screening audience. These victors will receive a Free Popcorn Pass, good for a small bag of popcorn from theater concessions every time they visit the Roxie visit over the next year.

What about winners who can’t make use of their prize for some reason? No worries. All the prizes are transferable, which means that winners who can’t visit the Roxie in person can gift their prize to someone else.

For those who still have questions, send an e-mail to For those ready to enter, here’s where entries can be sent. Good luck!

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  1. May 19, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    This sounds amazing! I just finished recording an album of quarantine themed songs and would love to use one for a short film/music video for this competition. I’m not much of a video editor, but I could film at my place or help out in other ways too. If anyone is interested in working on a video together, hit me up and I’ll send over some of the songs.
    (the album officially comes out early next month).