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Dave Chappelle on George Floyd, Police Violence, and Candace Owens

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In a makeshift, social-distanced, outdoor comedy club, Chappelle performed a set this week.  As a comedian, Chapelle may be remembered in history as someone who created more conversations about race relations in America, than perhaps any other contemporary.  His Chapelle Show, which satirized racism, and openly discussed social divides, stereotypes, and culture in America, influenced an entire generation of Americans in the 2000’s.

His stand-up, is of course legendary as well.  I’ve seen him a couple times in San Francisco, working out his material for hours at a time at the Punch Line SF.  Anyway, nobody needs another white guy (me) explaining Dave Chapelle’s work to them.  So without further ado, it’s a wonderful set, enjoy for yourself:

Chappelle talking about Don Lemon on CNN, who called out celebrities for not speaking up during the BLM protests, Chappelle retorted,“Do you want to see a celebrity right now? Do we give a fuck what Ja Rule thinks? No, this is the streets talking for themselves.” 

“Why would anyone care what their favorite comedian thinks, after they saw a police a police officer kneel on a man’s neck for 8 minutes, and 45 seconds?” – 

“I don’t care if he (George Floyd) kicked Candace Owen in her stinky pussy…” 

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