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Humongously Racist Viral Video Turns Out To Feature SF Tech CEO

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The middle-finger waving tech bro in the image above is pictured just before he launched into an amazingly racist tirade directed at an Asian family eating at a Monterey County restaurant the night of July 4.  “Trump’s gonna f*** you!” and “You Asian piece of s***!” he yells at an Asian-American family in an incident captured on video below. But the internet being the internet, that man has now been identified in the national news as Michael Lofthouse, CEO of a San Francisco “cloud solution architects” firm called Solid8.

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❗️❗️❗️SHARE THIS POST❗️❗️❗️ Trigger warning: Racism, Vulgar Language (FYI he had a LOT more to say after I stopped recording) This is the face of the man who relentlessly harassed my family and I completely UNPROVOKED, UNWARRANTED, and UNCONSCIONABLE. We were celebrating my tita’s birthday, literally just singing happy birthday to her and taking pictures, when this white supremacist starts yelling disgusting racist remarks at us. (“Fuck you Asians” “Go back to whatever fucking Asian country you’re from” “You don’t belong here”) It is no coincidence that this man has the audacity to showcase such blatant racism on the 4th of July. White supremacy has a notorious habit of masquerading as patriotism! The fact that Donald Trump is our president (i.e. THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD) gives racists a platform and amplifies voices of hate. The surfacing of racists is so prevalent right now, even in such an ethnically/culturally diverse and liberal state like California, because Trump HIMSELF uses his position to incite racial tension and to promote aggression towards POC, foreigners, and immigrants. We need change! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE THIS UPCOMING RE-ELECTION. PROTECT ALL PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR AND ETHNIC ORIGIN. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

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“Trump’s gonna fuck you! You fuckers need to leave, Asian piece of shit,” he says to the family, as it becomes clear that he’s lost the fight over which table is getting kicked out of the restaurant. Mind you, this incident took place at a grandmother’s birthday party dinner.

The incident went viral when Kelly Clarkson ⁠— yes, that Kelly Clarkson ⁠— retweeted the video, garnering thousands of comments and likes. By early this morning, CBS News Asia correspondent Ramy Inocencio had identified the racist perp “Michael Lofthouse, CEO of Solid8 in SF.”

According to the Solid8 website, “Our mantra is: ‘reputation is everything, so if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.’ So go ahead and let them know whether they’re doing well by keeping this “Trump’s gonna fuck you! You fuckers need to leave, Asian piece of shit” wordsmith in place as their CEO.

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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura is a two-bit marketing writer who excels at the homoerotic double-entendre. He is training to run a full marathon completely drunk and high, and his work has appeared in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on days when their editors made particularly curious decisions.


  1. DougDiggler
    July 7, 2020 at 5:50 pm — Reply

    Why do we tolerate these shit heads? Glad I left the Bay Area before these fucking racist pigs took over!

  2. dd
    July 7, 2020 at 7:17 pm — Reply

    It might be worth mentioning that a small company in the UK that happens to share the same name as the company founded by this racist idiot, but that otherwise has no connection to him, has now been targeted by the Internet mob. They published a press release and tweeted in an attempt to clear up the confusion, but I think it’s too late. Their site seems to be down as of this evening. 🙁

  3. Sunny
    July 8, 2020 at 10:41 am — Reply

    Just looked at the website linked here — shows a woman looking at a computer screen, but only text is “Coming Soon”

  4. Michael Kensinger
    July 9, 2020 at 4:11 pm — Reply

    Yes, I got the “Coming Soon” too. So, how do I join the “internet mob” on another despicable SF company? Just another selfish, right wing/ Republican/Libertarian, cultist trusting Der Fuhrer of Tweet to show him the light. Whattafool.
    The Uber tax? EASY. Whoever has the most ads on TV doesn’t give a shit about me..

  5. Cadence
    July 9, 2020 at 5:10 pm — Reply

    Michael Lofthouse, the CEO of Solid8 cloud computing is not only racist, but just another typical tech bro that’s earned too much money and not enough education, compassion or manners.

    Here kept switching takes and sent food beach multiple times. It’s like those a-holes that show up, just to be a nuisance to everyone around. Although waaay later he apologizes, prob out of fear of his closeted racism being exposed. He clearly has so much harmful intent towards others. These days the ones that becomes rich so fast in the tech world, never pick up social graces, value of hardworking that humbles a human being… They have the emotions of an oversized spoiled infant with an out of control ego.

    Seriously these kind of entitled racist a-hole, should not come to the BayArea.

    • Cadence
      July 9, 2020 at 5:15 pm — Reply

      I meant he kept switching tables, and sent food back multiple times! That is so annoying to have to serve. He might as well be banned from entering any restaurants, until he learn some manners and care towards restaurant staffs that has to serve his sorry existence.

  6. Lisa Inglish
    July 9, 2020 at 6:21 pm — Reply

    Solid8usa is a big fat pussy company. No, that would be insulting to all the great pussies out there. This guy would be lucky to even grow a vagina. It doesn’t get any lower that ruining a US citizen’s birthday because they look different than you. There’s a special place in Hell for that motherfucker. Is he fired yet?

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