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The Baby Bison in Golden Gate Park Have A Live Webcam

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Image: @RecParkSF via Twitter

You probably haven’t seen the baby bison that arrived in Golden Gate Park in March, because they arrived right when everything went straight to hell. But there’s a little bit of baby bison joy available via the magic of the internet, as Golden Gate Park now has a bison livestream that captures the five new little yearlings as they grow up alongside their grownup bison counterparts.

There are two bison live cam angles. Bison being bison, they may not be moving around very much when you tune in. And Youtube being Youtube, we cannot guarantee both streams will be working at all times.

They’re not actually baby bison anymore, they are yearlings. There are now 10 bison in the paddock, five yearlings and five adults, are all female.

“These huge, shaggy Great Plains denizens have been a beloved institution in the park since 1892,” says the SF Rec and Park Department in a press release. “The herd’s first home was in the park’s eastern end, near where the Music Concourse now stands, but in 1899 they were moved to the Bison Paddock, the meadow where they live today, just west of Spreckels Lake.”

The bison are here of course because of the Golden Gate Park 150th anniversary, whose live events are obviously on hold. Hope we can ride that giant ferris wheel someday!

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