SF Board of Supervisors Intends to Create an Advisory Committee on Reparations

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Supervisor Shamann Walton announcing back in January that he wants The City to come up with a plan to provide reparations to African Americans in San Francisco (photo from SF Examiner).


We’re sitting through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings and breaking them down for you so you don’t have to! Here’s the mini minutes for the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Full minutes available right here. Video and transcript available right here.

A Reparations Plan and Advisory Committee

Supervisor Walton announced this plan back in January just before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The item states that the Board of Supervisors intends [emphasis ours] to create an advisory committee that will create a reparations plan to comprehensively address the inequalities that exist as a result of slavery’s legacy of systemic oppression.

The resolution mentions that input will come from a variety of individuals and organisations but isn’t clear on the procedures for making that happen. Supervisor Walton may announce more information about how to get involved on twitter here.

2300 Harrison Street in the Mission

The SF planning department previously approved a new office building development on the old Lyft HQ plot of land in the Mission but several dozen members of the public called in to voice their disapproval. They argued that the new construction project didn’t include much in the way of new accommodation (only 24 units) and did not align with the Mission’s Area Plan and therefore should not be granted an environmental review exception. The board sent the plans back to the planning department for further investigation.

Jane Natoli Doesn’t Get a Seat on SFMTA

The Mayor recommends people to be board members of various public committees and planning groups, Jane Natoli was recommended by the Mayor to be on the Board of Directors for the SF Municipal Transit Authority. Jane Natoli appears to have a fair amount of support; from the Mayor backing her, she’s a director of YIMBY Action, and the SF Bicycle Coalition. However a number of other organisations wrote in to express their opposition as can be found here. Ultimately not enough of the Supervisors voted for her appointment. Mayor Breed tweeted after the vote that it was a “cynical move that represents what is wrong with San Francisco politics”  full statement can be found here.

Resources to Housing for the Black Community

The Board of Supervisors showed their support for the reinvestment of SFPD Budget to Support the African American/Black Community. The report created by the SF Human Rights Commission was quoted when the board urged the department of homelessness and housing to improve the ONE System (that tracks vacancies and people experiencing homelessness_ to better serve the community.

Other Items Discussed:

– An ordinance was passed that amends the Planning Code so that new Educator Housing projects have at least 10% three+ bedroom units.

– Another Planning Code amendment to permit Non-Retail Professional Services to be situated above the first story in Chinatown. Apparently this was accidentally deleted whilst cleaning up other legislation.

– Sharon Lai was appointed to the SFMTA board of directors. Supervisor Fuller commented that it will be good to have a Chinese speaker representing the interests of the community on the board of the SFMTA.

– The board is working on expediting the Conditional Use application process so that certain small businesses can get up & running quicker. Supervisor Peskin is leading on the work.

– A new rule says that if construction work will result in water being shut off for a residential building then the building owner must give tenants water. The exact wording is still being finalised but see it here.

– The Hastings lawsuit and the Labor negotiations were discussed privately by the board and we expect an update next week.

Roll Call for Introductions

This is when the supervisors give an oral introduction to what they will be bringing to committees in the next few days/weeks.

Supervisor Haney is working on legislation to close self-governance loopholes, similar to the ones that allowed Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru to abuse his position. He also raised the issue of the Oracle Park workers fighting for their employment rights and fair pay.

Supervisor Mar and Ronen are urging the Association of Bay Area Governments to focus on the housing needs of the City as it stands, balanced with future stock estimates.

Supervisor Stefani is looking to restructure the commission that oversees the department of public health and also on a resolution protecting the United States Postal Service.

Supervisors Walton and Haney are also supporting Bernie Sanders’ “Make Billionaires pay” act. Read about that, right here.

Supervisor Fewer is introducing legislation to make it easier for non-profits to buy buildings.

If you have an interest in any of the items that these supervisors are working on over the coming weeks, you can reach out to them right here.

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