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Even More Great Stuff to Watch on Netflix in September

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Want star power, taco porn, or even Jewish French stoner comedy?  The second half of this September on Netflix has these and more.  Hotly anticipated films and series sees Tom Holland taking on rural Ohio evil, Millie Bobby Brown starring in a feminist take on Sherlock Holmes, and Sarah Paulson playing a famed human monster in her early days.  Whether your tastes run to South Korean zombie apocalypse films or classic black female fronted ensemble sitcoms, Netflix in September is bound to have something to catch your eyeballs.

A Love Song For Latasha

Now Available

#Alive–This South Korean zombie film is an adaptation of Matt Naylor’s 2019 script “Alone.”  When the zombie apocalypse hits, a gamer decides to go on lockdown in his apartment.  However, his survival plan doesn’t account for the fact that he’s running out of food and water.  He’s soon faced with a terrible choice: does he go outside and risk getting his brains munched on by zombies?  Or does he stay cooped up inside and go mad from isolation and loneliness? 

September 11

Family Business

Family Business Season 2–In the mood for trying a French Jewish stoner comedy?  Joseph is a failed entrepreneur who wanted nothing to do with his family’s failing kosher butcher shop.  However, when his father saddled him with ownership of the business, the rebellious son found a way to turn this figurative millstone into an opportunity.  France is considering legalizing marijuana.  So why not stake an early claim on the legalized pot gold mine?  Joseph’s plans to  turn the butcher shop into a “potcher” shop with the help of family and friends.  However, until legalization is official, building up sufficient pot stock for the shop means coming up with wacky ways to stay one step ahead of the cops.  

Girlfriends (2000) Seasons 1-8–Netflix brings back another seminal Black comedy series, this one created by Mara Brock Akil (“Black Lightning” producer).  It follows the ups and downs in the lives and loves of four female friends.  They’re: Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross), a lawyer who’s also the group’s unofficial den mother; housewife and writer Maya (Golden Brooks); the biracial Lynn (Persia White), who has independence issues; and real estate agent Toni (Jill Marie Jones), who has been Joan’s friend since childhood.

Se Busca Papa (“Dad Wanted”)–In this Mexican family comedy, a thrill seeking tween hopes to enter a BMX race.  But  her widowed mother refuses to greenlight her participation, as the tween’s father had died in a tragic accident.  However, there’s more than one way to get parental approval to satisfy race officials.  The tween starts looking for an actor with nothing to lose who can be successfully passed off as her approving father.

September 15

Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice–A Thai Buddhist family do not see their 2-year-old daughter Einz’s dying of brain cancer as the end of her brief life.  They have the child’s body cryonically frozen hoping that one day she can be revived and live life in a new body.  Precocious son Matrix wants to help make Einz’s revival a reality.  But what he learns later casts doubt on the feasibility of the family’s dream.

Michael McIntyre: Showman–This stand-up comedy special sees the multi-award winning comedian make his Netflix debut.  His routine will include stories of family life, how to avoid Australian shark attacks, and the differences in performing before UK and US audiences.

The Taco Chronicles

The Taco Chronicles Season 2–Love tacos?  Then check out the return of this James Beard award-winning series.  Take a deep dive into a series filled with taco history and taco porn as the series goes to the US, Mexico, and Japan.  Among the taco styles featured this season will be the fish taco, suadero, birria, and the All-American Crunchy Taco.

September 16

The Devil All The Time–Netflix’s star-powered tale of the month concerns a long struggle between faith and evil.  It’s set in the backwater town of Knockemstiff, Ohio in the period between World War II and the Vietnam War.  Young Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) lives here with his family.  To protect his family from evil, the young man faces off against such threats as an unholy preacher (Robert Pattinson) and a crooked sheriff (Sebastian Stan).

September 18

Ratched–”Mildred Ratched, how did you become so evil?”  That sentence pretty much sums up this new Ryan Murphy-produced series.   Murphy regular Sarah Paulson as the notorious title character who will eventually become the chief villain in the classic “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”  The series goes back to the start of Ratched’s days at the hospital to ask whether she was born a monster or became that way over time.

September 21

A Love Song For Latasha–The world remembers Latasha Harlins as a 15-year-old shot to death by a South Central Los Angeles convenience store owner.  Her death and the punishment meted out to Harlins’ killer turned out to be the flashpoint that sparked Los Angeles’ 1992 civil uprising.  This short film uses oral history and memories from Harlins’ best friend and cousin to create a portrait of the girl who once lived and the woman she could have become.

September 22

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father Season 4–For the uninitiated, this road trip/comedy series follows the misadventures in various regions of the world of personable comedian Jack Whitehall and his frequently grumpy father Michael.  This new season sees the pair in Australia, where they will visit an emu farm, drop in on a nudist beach, and perform in drag (sorry, Michael passed on performing as Rachel Prejudice).  However, can the series still be fresh and funny when fans come up to Michael and ask him to tell them to f**k off?

September 23

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes–”Stranger Things”’ Millie Bobby Brown plays the title character, the intrepid teen sister of Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill).  When Enola’s mother goes missing, the teenager evades getting shipped off to finishing school so she can search for her missing parent.   Along the way, Enola’s involvement in the mystery of the runaway Lord Tewksbury will lead to her unraveling a conspiracy aimed at setting back the course of history.  Based on the book series by Nancy Springer.     

September 25

A Perfect Crime Season 1–Netflix’s newest crime documentary series begins with a look at the still unsolved murder of Detlev Rohwedder.  The murdered German politician handled the privatization of state assets in what used to be known as the German Democratic Republic.  

Nasty C–Also known as “Zuluman Man With Some Power Takes Japan,” this documentary short offers a candid glimpse of the South African rapper Nasty C.  The trouble with being famous in South Africa is that Nasty C can’t appear in public without risking being mobbed.  To regain a sense of life as a normal person, the rapper goes to Japan.  Being a black man in this Asian country and not knowing Japanese admittedly makes him stand out.  Yet the kindness of the locals makes for a humbling experience.   

The School Nurse Files–Ahn Eun Young is the titular South Korean high school nurse.  Unknown to everybody else at the school, this supposedly ordinary person can see and fight strange phenomena from the world of the “jelly.”  Invisible to human eyes, these supernatural creatures can cause trouble in the human world unless the school nurse keeps them in check..  

Sneakerheads–Devin (Allen Maldonado) was once a fanatic collector of sneakers (aka a sneakerhead).  However, when his collecting got a little too crazy, he wound up giving the hobby up and became a stay-at-home dad.  A moment of weakness of getting back into the game leads to Devin finding himself five G’s in the hole.  Recouping the money before his wife finds out might be possible if Devin can successfully hunt worldwide for a pair of “Zeroes.”  The trouble is, among sneakerheads, that pair of kicks happens to be considered the Holy Grail.

September 26

The Good Place

The Good Place Season 4–At long forking last, the final season of the Michael Schur hit comedy series comes to Netflix.  The title refers to the destination in the afterlife where people go after performing a lifetime of good deeds.  The recently deceased Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) realizes she’s in The Good Place by mistake because her life was definitely not one filled with good deeds.  However, she doesn’t want Michael (Ted Danson), the Good Place’s architect, to find out.  The final season sees the precepts behind getting to The Good Place get challenged via an experiment in moral development.    

September 29

Michelle Buteau: Welcome To Beautopia–You’ve seen her on “Russian Doll” and “Always Be My Maybe.”  Now comedian Michelle Buteau can add Netflix stand-up comedy special to her resume.  Executive produced by Wanda Sykes, this special was filmed at New York City’s Sony Hall before pandemic chaos hit the city.  Buteau mines laughs with honest observations on such subjects as the value of short men, appreciating government workers named Otis, and the importance of character.

September 30

American Murder: The Family Next Door–This true crime documentary recounts the chilling case of Shanann and Chris Watts.  In August 2018, pregnant Shanann Watts disappeared along with their two daughters.  To the world at large, Chris Watts appeared to be the heartbroken father and husband desperately hoping for his family to be reunited..until the corpses of the missing people were found.  The discovery caused Chris Watts’ story to unravel and eventually reveal the horrifying truth.

The Boys In The Band

The Boys In The Band–The 2019 Tony Award winner for Best Revival Of A Play comes to Netflix in a film adaptation produced by Ryan Murphy and featuring the all openly gay cast of the revival.  In 1968 New York City, a group of gay friends come together for a birthday party hosted by alcoholic screenwriter Michael (Jim Parsons).  The person being feted is Michael’s sharp tongued friend Howard (Zachary Quinto).  However, what was supposed to be an evening of drinking and laughter becomes something far more soul-searching for the partygoers thanks to the unexpected arrival of Alan (Brian Hutchison), Michael’s straight-laced college roommate. 

Wentworth Season 8–Here’s the penultimate season (aka “Wentworth: Redemption”) of this acclaimed re-imagining of “Prisoner: Cell Block H.”  It’s a tale of power plays and worse among the staff and prisoners of an Australian women’s prison.  The new season begins with the staff and prisoners coping with the fallout of the prison siege that served as the previous season’s climax.  New characters are introduced and one supposedly dead character turns out to be very much alive.

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