LA Dodgers Invite Superspreader Event With Foolish World Series Celebration

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That LA Dodger with the red beard knows he just tested positive for COVID-19. He partied with his teammates anyway, unmasked,  after the Dodgers won the World Series Tuesday night.

His name is Justin Turner, a Dodgers third baseman, and his team just won the World Series in that Tuesday night photo above. But he was pulled in the 8th inning of the game when his belated positive COVID-19 test came in.

Despite being removed from the game (for obvious reasons!), Turner still came out to party all COVID-positive with his teammates afterward. He knowingly did not wear a mask. His manager next to him, Dave Roberts, is a cancer survivor.

LA public health officials “Officials are worried that the post-season success of the Lakers and the Dodgers may be playing a role in the increased coronavirus cases in Los Angeles.

CBS Los Angeles reports that LA infections were already going in a good direction before the baseball championship game. We hate to say this, but the wildly infectious star player’s masklessness will likely model mask-avoidance and possibly contribute to the spread of coronavirus in the Los Angeles area.

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