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Save San Francisco’s Independent Journalism

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After withstanding unprecedented drops in revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 16 of San Francisco’s independent news outlets are holding a joint fundraiser to preserve and protect the city’s independent press.

Donate to Save SF News

Local reporting has been essential during the shelter-in-place public health orders and local and national elections, highlighting issues that matter and institutions that needed help. Local publications acted as community resources that readers turned to when they needed assistance of their own.

In the past decade, many San Francisco press outlets have closed, reduced output and changed ownership, and consolidated. The tech boom has not led to a renaissance for the city’s local media.

Donate to Save SF News

For more information about the Save SF News fundraising campaign, visit

For-profit and nonprofit, large and small newsrooms are launching a joint fundraiser called Save SF News that builds on the success of Chicago Independent Media Alliance’s May 2020 campaign which generated $160,000 for more than 40 newsrooms.

“San Francisco’s independent press fights for the city — its art, culture, people, businesses and institutions,” Ingleside Light publisher and fundraiser organizer Alex Mullaney said. “A rich city needs a rich variety of journalism.”

Members of the public can give at through January 5, 2021. Donors can give to one, some, or all participating publications.

Accion Latina, the parent nonprofit organization of 50-year old biweekly newspaper El Tecolote, serves as the Save SF News fundraising campaign’s fiscal sponsor.

Donations can be made online at or by check payable to Accion Latina and mailed to 2958 24th St., San Francisco, CA 94110. Please include the following contact information with your check: Save SF News / Name / Mailing Address / Email Address / Phone.

Donate to Save SF News

For more information about the Save SF News fundraising campaign, visit

Participating News Outlets

Bay Area Reporter

News and Arts reporting for the San Francisco Bay Area LGBTQ community.

Broke-Ass Stuart

Covers arts, culture, news and activism in the Bay Area and beyond. This site pays dozens of local journalists, promotes local small businesses & nonprofits for free, and fights for progressivism and broke people in The Bay and beyond.

El Tecolote

El Tecolote is an award winning, free, bilingual newspaper serving the SF Bay Area and beyond. Founded in 1970, it has served the community for 50 years–– making it the longest continuously-running bi-lingual newspaper in the American Southwest.

48 Hills

Independent, alternative, progressive daily news and culture including analysis, opinion, breaking news, event previews and reviews.

Ingleside Light

Reader-funded neighborhood news.

Nichi Bei Weekly

Japanese American community newspaper, with some general Asian American content and news from Japan.

Noe Valley Voice

News and feature stories about and for the people of the Noe Valley neighborhood in San Francisco. We also publish short fiction, essays and poetry. We feature quality photography.

Potrero View

A quintessential neighborhood newspaper.

Public Comment

We write news hits and original, reported work that aims to shed light on the COVID recession locally, efforts to rebuild, and how policy debates will shape SF’s future. Our target audience is San Francisco residents, spanning longtime political news junkies to newer residents who haven’t closely followed local policy and governance to date, but are curious to learn more.

Richmond ReView

We serve the western neighborhoods of San Francisco with news stories, features, opinion pieces, calendar of events, police blotter, letters to the editor and ads.

San Francisco Bay View

A Black newspaper representing the stories of incarcerated people and people in Black neighborhoods around the Bay and worldwide. Culture reporting, news, on-the-spot reporting, interviews with activists, politicians and people working with their local communities.

Sunset Beacon

We the western neighborhoods of San Francisco with news stories, features, opinion pieces, calendar of events, police blotter, letters to the editor and ads.

Westside Observer

The redesigned website and platform will continue to bring the same news and opinion that Westsiders have relied on over the years, and more. We try to balance the more conservative opinions of Quentin Kopp, Lou Barberini and Tony Hall with the more moderate views of John Farrell, George Wooding and Carol Kocivar and the environmental views of Kathy Howard and Nancy Wuerfel — all wrapped in the investigative journalism of Dr. Derek Kerr and Patrick Monette-Shaw.

Wind Newspaper

Targeting both Chinese and English speaking readers to provide local news stories, op-eds, food and lifestyle stories.

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