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Artist Makes Cicada Band, Olympic Team, and much more

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We’ve heard a lot about cicadas this Spring, their massive numbers, their strange 17 year life cycle, and the incredible sound they make at all hours.  But I bet you haven’t heard about they’re band yet.

“I’ve been missing live music so much so I decided to do a cicada rock band” – Oxana Ware

I bet you haven’t seen the Cicada Olympics, or how good little Cicadas went to CVS to get their vaccines.  I bet you’re wondering, “how is this miracle possible”? And, “why is ‘Cicada Olympics’ capitalized”?

Well, I can answer your first question; this miracle is made possible by professional photographer Oxana Ware, a Russian-American mom who is what we like to call ‘good crazy’ at  We are all-in.

Cicada Olympic Team

Oxana told Reuters,: “I always teach my kids to just be playful and respectful of nature, so that’s how the idea was born,” said the 39-year-old, who has three young children. “We started with my son’s fire truck and that was just a huge hit.”

Photographer Oxana Ware

What started as a light-hearted way to memorialize the cicadas has helped children become unafraid of the cicadas, Ware told the press.

Cicada Easy Rider

“I’ve got a lot of thanks,” she said. “A lot of kids that were very weary of these things are now not scared of them anymore, and the ‘clothing line’ cicada putting on a dress is the reason for that. Kids really enjoyed that.”

This story is about a very creative artist and a mom who’s clearly been at home too long with three kids, and 10 billion bugs.  Ware collects the cicadas in her yard and places them in doll house-sized settings she sets up. I was surprised to hear that the bugs are are not very cooperative models, and it usually takes some time before she can photograph an insect riding a motorcycle or playing ping pong.

Cicada Vaccine

It turns out Cicadas are thirsty online too, incredible.

Zoom ‘I’m not a cat’ Cicadas

Cicadas climb Mt. Everest

The story has gotten national coverage and Oxana shows no sign of slowing down.  The cicadas will be around most likely until July, so you can expect many more adventures…

Here’s the story on Jimmy Fallon:

If you would like to follow the cicadas check out Oxana’s Instagram, she’s creating new scenes all the time.  If you’d like to hire her to photograph your cicadas, her website is here.

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